Gamers in general are a very loyal group of people. They cling to nostalgia and yet hope for technology that will meet their high expectations. When people are passionate about a hobby, not only do they spend their time with it at home, but they also spend a decent amount of time researching it online and looking for other people like them. With YouTube, gamers have found a new outlet to reach out to their community. There are videos for every aspect of gaming, ranging from new game trailers to walkthroughs, reviews and lists.

With so many gaming videos out there, you have to wonder, is there room for more? The answer is yes, if you are able to think of an original way to produce a gaming video for a wide audience. You will need to get easy-to-use video game recorder software to start out. From that point, you just have to decide what kind of videos you want to make and what genre of game to record, and then add a gimmick that will make you stand out.

Choosing a Format
There are many formats to choose from. A popular way to add commentary to games you're currently playing is called Let's Play. You cut and edit a video that should be shorter than 10 minutes and add your experience while playing, your history with the series and a general review. Several people make lists that range from the top 10 video game bosses to the 5 best video game soundtracks. For each of these, you'd need the skills to cut footage from each game and record audio and add it after the fact. Games are not always simple, so when gamers are stuck and are at the point of throwing a controller at the wall, they will finally look for a walkthrough online. Walkthrough is the correct term, not cheating. No gamer wants to admit they cheated or needed help. The majority of game videos on YouTube are there to assist gamers in beating a frustrating section of a game.

Choosing a Game
I recommend you take two routes in choosing games. It is not a bad thing to focus heavily on new releases. The majority of the most popular gaming channels on YouTube are focused on newer games such as "Minecraft," "Call of Duty" and "Skyrim." People are curious about these games, and you should capitalize on that curiosity. The other route is to add your commentary to cult favorites. These games can date back to old 8-bit hardware. Cult classics have a built-in fan base, so you will have an immediate audience. The downside of choosing an old favorite is that you'd better be prepared for negative feedback and criticism if you upset the fan base.

Creating a Gimmick
This is where your personality comes into play. There is nothing new or original under the sun, but you do have the opportunity to add your own spin to game videos. For example, give yourself a challenge such as only giving yourself one life, where you'll have to end your video as soon as you see the infamous "game over" screen. You could also record yourself playing a game with minimal weapons and armor to see how long you last. If creating lists is your specialty, compile game footage from several games and add your narrative. No matter how many lists are out there, people are drawn to them to see if their opinions are validated.

Even with the surplus of game footage online, there is still an audience that shares the same interests as you. These people will value your take on gaming or argue their points against yours. At the very least, you will get others involved in something that you created by recording video and audio. It's always possible that your gaming channel could become one of the most popular on YouTube.

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