There are three steps to copying a DVD; ripping, compressing and burning. There is no such thing as free DVD copy software that performs all three functions. For DVD Copy Software that is easy-to-use, updated regularly and safe to use, see DVD Copy Software.

The programs touted on the Internet as free DVD copy software, were built years ago and are still floating around in cyberspace. Most have been shut down because of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act which determined they were in direct violation of title 2 and deemed illegal. Although many of these programs have loyal followings, and can still be found on the Internet, they are designed with the intermediate or expert users in mind.

Here are a few reasons why you should avoid using free DVD copy software:

Time is Money

One of the most important features of DVD copy software, or any software for that matter, is ease of use. No one wants to sit around for hours trying to figure out how to operate their new software.

To the untrained eye, a ripped DVD can look like a jumbled mess of folders and files. Free DVD copy software is usually created and designed for those that are already familiar with the DVD copy process and have a tendency to use more technical jargon. If you have never used DVD copy software before, starting with a free program will quickly lead to frustration and annoyance.

To add insult to injury, there is no free DVD copy software that will act as a combination ripper, compressor and burner. Often you will need to install additional software to complete the burning process. Most free DVD copy software includes minimal help and support. Some, with dedicated followings will have forums, but none will include direct contact information like an email address.

Old Software, Equals Instability

Almost all professional DVDs on the market include some kind of encryption codes. In 1998 Congress passed a law making it illegal to break or bypass those encryptions.

In the early 2000s, most of the major DVD copy companies manufacturing software that circumvented the encryptions received legal heat from the major studios and were forced to shut down. For this reason, the free DVD copy software found on the Internet is no longer updated. They are  as-is  software.

With the progression of new technology including new encryption codes and Windows Vista, it s only a matter of time before the free DVD copy software becomes completely outdated. For more information on the legalities of copying DVDs see the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. 

Potential Security Threats

Viruses and spyware is a big business. Companies manufacturing anti-virus software make millions of dollars every year. If you don t know what you are doing, downloading free software off the Internet is dangerous, plain and simple. Although most of the free DVD copy software was originally created adware, spyware and virus-free, they have been sitting on the Web long enough to become corrupt.

Remember, nothing in this world is truly free, including free DVD copy software found floating around the Internet. Without a strong understanding of the DVD copy process free DVD copy software can be time consuming, outdated and potentially dangerous.

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