Odds are good that you have a movie that you know really well. Maybe you like to watch it every now and then, or maybe you’ve seen it so much you can quote every line. If so, you have a great opportunity to learn Italian, or at least practice what you have learned. Watching movies in Italian can actually increase your ability to learn Italian and reinforce the things you know.

Watching a movie in Italian, especially one you know well in English, is a great way to practice listening comprehension, pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. This can be beneficial even if you are only beginning to learn Italian because you already know the conversations and the contexts in the movie, and that will help you identify the words in Italian. Once your skills have progressed, you can try watching a movie in Italian that you have never seen before. The visual cues will help you with context while the new dialogue will help you test and improve your Italian skills, and thus learn Italian better.

If you are at a beginning level, it’s a good idea to stick with movies that occur in every-day settings. Movies with fantasy or science fiction themes will probably include a lot of confusing vocabulary that isn’t common in Italian conversations and won’t help you learn Italian at the novice level. Once you have made it to intermediate or advanced levels, these fictional themes will be easier to understand.

Another thing to consider when using movies to learn Italian is the way you watch. If you need to work on listening comprehension and pronunciation, watch the movie without subtitles. However, if you want to learn Italian vocabulary, it is a good idea to watch with Italian subtitles because you can both see and hear the words.

Below we’ve included a list of famous movies with their Italian titles. Test your Italian skills by translating the titles. If you need help, check out our list of TopTenREVIEWS All Time Best Movies to see the English titles. And you can look over our review of learn Italian software that can help you learn to speak like a native.

  1. Via Col Vento
  2. Quarto Potere
  3. Contando Sotto La Pioggia
  4. Il Padrino
  5. Lo Squalo
  6. Guerre Stellari
  7. Il Buio Oltre La Siepe
  8. La Finestra Sul Cortile
  9. Il Signore Degli Anelli
  10. La Bella Addormentata Nel Bosco

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