Transferring your files from an old to new computer or operating system doesn't have to be a pricey process. After all, you've already spent money on the new computer and maybe even the new operating system.

Windows Easy Transfer is a free PC migration software option. Microsoft makes the software to work specifically for the company's Windows operating systems. This data migration tool has thorough file and folder selectivity and easy-to-use setup. You can download a version of Windows Easy Transfer for transferring from Windows XP and Vista to Windows 7 from Microsoft's website. Microsoft also offers versions of Windows Easy Transfer for other operating systems, such as Windows 8. On Windows Vista and above, the operating system comes with the software pre-installed to help make the new computer transition easier for you.

Transfer Tools
Windows Easy Transfer can migrate all your files and settings. You can choose which user accounts you want to transfer, and the software gives you the option to select specific files and folders from each user account. You can choose to filer by basic file type, or you can use advanced options to navigate through the folder trees and files on each user account.

This software does not transfer programs, although it will transfer program settings folders and files should you select them. This means you will have to reinstall each program on your new computer manually. While this might seem inconvenient, reinstalling on your own means you can make sure that each program is compatible with your new system. The migration process will also go much faster without having to transfer large application files.

Migration Options
Windows Easy Transfer can migrate your files and folders from an old to new computer, or from an old to new operating system on the same computer. The software natively migrates your data, meaning it saves it directly in your new system.

If your goal is to transfer files from PC to PC, then you can use an Easy Transfer cable, which you can buy from anywhere that sells computer cables. Or you can connect the two computers over a network or transfer smaller amounts of files using a USB flash drive.

This PC migration software has an easy-to-use interface. The software walks you through each step, starting with your method of connection to transfer information, such as a USB flash drive or over a network. Windows Easy Transfer will complete the migration even if it detects files it can't transfer, although it will skip over those files. If it encounters anything it registers as malware, it may stop the transfer to protect your new computer.

This data migration tool does not offer an undo migration feature. If you want to delete the files you migrated, you just need to find the destination folder and delete them from there. The software does not move over any applications or programs, so there is no application compatibility.

Help & Support
Microsoft offers a thorough knowledge database with FAQs for all of its products, including Windows Easy Transfer. The knowledge base has thorough walkthroughs and setup guides for using the software to transfer programs to a new computer or upgrade to a new operating system. In the company's support site, you can log in using a Microsoft account to access live chat or request a phone call from Microsoft technical support.

Windows Easy Transfer is an easy-to-use PC migration software. The program walks you through each step of the process to move your files from old systems to new ones. Its advanced options that let you select specific user accounts, folders, settings and files give you thorough control over the migration process. For a quick and simple migration of the basic data you need, Windows Easy Transfer is a great and accessible choice.

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