There is much debate over what is a better software solution for family members or employees, monitors or filters. Here is an explanation of each.


Sometimes called spyware, monitors allow you to see who is saying what and tracks all Internet and computer activities. Users that are being monitored sometimes know they are being monitored. Other times, a stealth option may be used so that the user doesn't know they are being observed, hence why the software is called Spyware. Monitors can record both sides of chat or Instant Messaging conversations. They can also record both incoming and outgoing email, whether through Outlook Express or web-based email. Monitors also track and record all of your web surfing on the Internet.

Monitors have the advantage over filters, that they can track all activities without any restrictions in accessing the Internet. Monitors may be used to find out why an employee is spending too much time on the Internet. Other times it may be used to determine if a spouse is getting too friendly with another person. It may be too just be aware of your children s Internet activities.


Internet Filters can do many of the same functions as monitors, just not as effective. Filters also allow you to setup rules and pre-defined lists to block or allow certain websites, chat rooms, Instant Messaging, and peer-to-peer downloading activities. There is a lot of debate that says filters are too restrictive, while others argue they are absolutely necessary. For a list of the Top Ten Internet filters, visit

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