Feel your correspondence creativity is drooping a bit? Here are a few special-event greeting cards that will have you whipping out the postage stamps in no time.

Birthday Card Ideas

For cards that are keepers, try something other than the off-the-shelf style:

  • For young kids, try origami, or paper folding. Fold an origami animal and attach it to an appropriate greeting card for a 3-D message. An origami frog can frolic on colorful cards for boys: "Hoppy" Birthday! A graceful swan or unicorn makes a winning birthday card for girls: Have a Magical Birthday, or May all Your Wishes Come True.
  • For someone over age 80 in the United States, request a special birthday greeting from the White House. Six weeks before the birthday, send the recipient's name and title, home address and mailing address, birthday and age, and your name and phone number to: The White House, Attention: Greetings Office, Washington, D.C. 20502-0039. The White House will mail a birthday greeting about ten days before the birthday.
  • For everyone in-between, humor is a hit. Browse funny card ideas in greeting card software until you find the perfect chuckle, and then add your own photo for a personalized, memorable birthday card.


Graduation Card Ideas

Don't give a boring graduation card with a ho-hum check inside; deliver your best wishes (and a little cash) in a way that's unique and memorable.

  • Everyone knows graduates want money. So save paper-make a graduation card out of a $20 bill. Fold the bill in half, then lightly tape your homemade card inside: Congratulations! Hope this fits the bill.
  • Instead of giving the graduate a card attached to a wrapped gift, wrap a gift around a card. For example, give a copy of Dr. Seuss' book, Oh, The Places You'll Go. Hide congratulatory cards, coupons, snippets of wisdom or even money inside the pages. The graduate has to read the book to find the other gifts.
  • You can even give a small money gift to the graduate with flair. Give cash in a greeting card that looks just like a blue jean pocket with this message: Hey, don't gripe. $5 is better than lint.

Wedding Announcement Ideas

No matter what style you choose, it's a good bet that printing your own wedding announcements will save more money for the honeymoon.

  • In a hurry? Make that classy engagement photo your wedding announcement. Just print pertinent ceremony and reception details on the back in your favorite font.
  • For a different look, compose a black-and-white or sepia image of bride and groom as toddlers for the wedding announcement photo, coupled with a message like this: Our love transcends time (or something less sappy).
  • For a card with texture, punch two holes at the top, thread a ribbon through then "tie the knot." You can tie your engagement photo to the top of your the wedding announcement card easily if both are the same size, but tie it loosely so that the photo can be flipped up or moved aside to show the announcement.

Wedding Card Ideas

  • If both the bride and groom have a healthy sense of humor, consider a customized sympathy card for the new groom. On the front: "I'm so sorry for your loss." then inside, feature a photo of a golf bag surrounded by a lush, green fairway.
  • Do the same for the bride, but feature a shopping mall scene and shopping bags in your sympathy message.
  • If you're the traditional type, wish the happy couple well with a wedding card that features the engagement photo you received in the announcement. Cut the photo into a heart shape and tape it to the front of a festive wedding card. You can polish the look with a colorful paper frame or two around or behind the photo.

Birth Announcement Ideas

  • Using greeting card software, type the baby's name and birth statistics right onto a picture post card featuring your new baby. Print addresses on the reverse, stamp and mail for a no-hassle, no envelope birth announcement.
  • For a change of pace, send out a copy of your baby's footprint on the birth announcement: Starting off on the right foot.
  • For trouble-free baby photo sharing, include an online photo album website address and password in your baby announcement. Then far-away family and friends can enjoy your photos up close. And if you use an online photo printing service to post your digital album, your viewers can buy their own copies of your pictures without bothering you.

But don't stop there. You can make clever holiday cards to cover every celebration on the calendar and even make greeting cards into gifts . If you ever run out of fresh ideas, just check the design section in your greeting card software. Soon you'll find that making your own greeting cards is so rewarding that you'll start inventing new milestones and holidays just for an excuse to make and give another a new card.

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