Since the printing of the first comic book in 1933, children have dreamed of flying, sticking to walls, piloting invisible planes, possessing super human strength and using x-ray vision. It isn't surprising that 4-year-olds, and some 40-year-olds, raid the linen closet for bed sheets to use as capes, or that Hollywood has struck gold with its box office hits featuring the most iconic superheroes.

Comic book and graphic novels are still very popular today, and these growing markets now include Japanese anime and manga. If you want to get in on the action, you can purchase comic book software to create your own comics at home and easily send them off to potential editors or share them on social media networks.

One of the toughest parts of creating a superhero is finding a niche and superpower for your protagonist that hasn't already been taken. Below are five superheroes and their powers that have yet to be picked up by comic creators. With the right storyline, these clever characters just might have some potential.



Briar Vine: superpower, green thumb  
This emerald-colored Amazon princess can grow flowers, vines, barbs and noxious weeds on command. She literally has Miracle Gro pumping through her veins to help her sprout the seeds she carries in her hip pouch. It makes it difficult for the adversary to find a desolate hiding place since in seconds it could be turned into a life- choking jungle. Fights against evil can become interesting when giant Venus flytraps or poison ivy is thrown into the mix.

Windo: superpower, weather forecasting  
Windo is a wheelchair bound WWII vet that knows when a storm is coming simply by the pain in his injured leg. While there are many superheroes that are atmokinetic, which means they can control the weather, Windo acts as the consultant for other heroes heading out for battle. The toughest battles between good and evil seem to come during thunder, snow, tornadoes and hailstorms. Knowing you can punch out evil during a sunny day would be helpful. If not, Windo always has the potential to be the weatherman that always gets it right.

The Deciphenator, aka The Translator: superpower, omnilingualism  
The Deciphenator can understand and converse in any form of communication - picture C-3PO in human form. Rather than use an iron fist, he prefers a more diplomatic approach to keeping the peace, and uses his ability to negotiate treaties between conflicting countries or worlds. His ability to translate language isn't restricted to human speech; it extends to other living creatures and organisms, as well. If the situation does get a little out of hand, the Deciphenator can use his powerful tongue to command a swarm of mosquitos to help thwart an evil plan or encourage a virus to take down a villain with an unfortunate bout of the flu.

Saliva (pronounced suh LEE vah): superpower, antibiotic spittle  
This may sound a little gross, but moms have been using this superpower for years to wash dirt off cheeks, disinfect pacifiers and instantly heal boo-boos. A division of regeneration and healing powers, Saliva uses her spit to clean up the world. No nemesis stands a chance since a single drop of drool could cause them to disintegrate on contact. Of course, this makes everyday living difficult, since Saliva can never visit a dentist, share a drink or experience romance.

These super heroes may not have the power punch of the Hulk or the brains of Batman, but there are certainly worse powers out there. Ever heard of Arm Fall Off Boy or Brother Power the Geek? Both of these characters had their fair turn in the spotlight, so there is a good chance Windo and other interesting superhero characters could one day find themselves front and center in the next blockbuster hit.

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