Puran Defrag is disk defragmenter software, which offers a simplified set of features and a nicely done, easy to use interface that will appeal to many casual users. Puran Defrag offers several features found on more powerful defragment software including automatic defragmentation sessions, intelligent file relocation and a low priority footprint. Puran Defrag is very simple and almost elegantly easy to use. Most users should have no problem setting up Puran Defrag and running a basic defragmentation session without the need of additional knowledge about Puran Defrag s features. For advanced users, several options including the ability to setup automatic sessions both inside and outside of Windows sessions can help save time, especially with client PCs.

While Puran Defrag does not offer a comprehensive set of features as found in other disk defragmenter software reviewed, its core function is to produce basic yet effective defragmented hard drives. Its interface is streamlined to make Puran Defrag easy to run without requiring any time spent setting up complex configurations. Puran Defrag also provides an easy to read graphical map of a specified hard drive s file structure. Other options include the ability to shut down the program after running an unattended defragmentation session, a low priority feature and the ability to run a boot time defragment session outside of Windows. It also supports external hard drives.

This disk defragmenter software is fairly fast in conducting defragmentation sessions. Depending on the fragmentation level of a hard drive, the program can run in a high priority mode, which can speed up defragmentation, or in a low priority mode, which will take a little more time. The low priority mode allows the program to work in the background while conducting other tasks such as web browsing.

Disk Optimization
After running several test sessions, the program did a very good job of optimizing files on two hard drives. The fragmented files were quickly optimized along with each drive s directories. This program starts each defragmentation session by optimizing a drive s directory structure first before working on files.

Support is given through a built in help system. The help system shows concepts and features with easy to read language and screenshots for visual aids. Email support is also provided for technical or customer inquiries on the Puran Defrag website. Unfortunately, there was no other form of online support offered by the company.

This program offers a relatively easy to use interface that does not overwhelm users with over complex options. A well designed help system can also offer tutorials for new users that wish to learn more about the program s features. The program was designed as a basic and effective replacement for the Windows Defrag application, which it does very well. Not only does the program perform quickly, it also gives a very readable graphical map of hard drives that most users will have little difficulty reading. On the other hand, the program is not well suited for advanced system setups or networks, which require greater features than what is offered in this product. For general users, Puran Defrag is a solid choice for disk defragmenter software for handling home PCs.

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