A number of software programs enable you to monitor the screen of another computer or device. Whether you want to monitor an employee who has violated policy or you wish to follow the online activities of your children, many programs on the market provide cost-effective ways to do so.

First, you should keep in mind that if you are monitoring your employees, you need to make sure that your company policy states the possibility of such monitoring. If you have to rewrite the policy to add it in, you will need to provide existing employees with a copy of this updated policy and ensure that new employees acknowledge this policy upon being hired. Monitoring software provides incredible knowledge and benefits, but you do not want to run into any legal issues down the road. The following are monitoring software programs to help you efficiently monitor others' computer screens.

This program is not only compatible with Windows and Mac, but also with iPhone, Blackberry, and Android. It installs in less than five minutes and only needs a computer with internet for it to work. When used to monitor a user, the program is completely undetectable. It records data and automatically sends it to a secure online account. You can even simultaneously monitor more than one device from the same user interface, such as an iPad and Android. Furthermore, when  alert words  are detected, you receive an email notification the second it happens. You can also filter web content if desired and block certain programs or limit program times.

Refog Personal Monitor
Like WebWatcher, Refog Personal Monitor installs quickly and has an easy-to-use interface. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac. It also allows you to choose alert words for which you can monitor all websites and searches. It has a recording feature, sending you valuable information such as emails, usernames and passwords. Unlike many other products that do not allow you to monitor in real time, Refog provides this capability. However, Refog does not enable you to block specific websites or searches, as other products do. However, if you are only looking to monitor another user, this software is all you need. If you want to prevent certain actions, you should look for a different program.

If you re searching for an inexpensive option, IamBigBrother is the program for you. Compatible with Windows, IamBigBrother installs quickly, but its interface takes a little practice to master. With this program, you can secretly monitor other users (or you can alert the user that he or she is being monitored), record usernames and passwords, and set specific times to begin monitoring. However, like Refog Personal Monitor, you cannot block or filter sites. This program is best if all you need to do is monitor and if you are willing to spend a little time understanding the interface and how it stores recorded data.

Various computer monitoring software on the market allows you to gain access to knowledge that you wouldn't otherwise obtain. However, you should keep in mind that you need to inform employees that you are monitoring them if you use this software in the workplace.

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