Spam Statistics 2006

Spam Statistics 2006

The statistics below are current as of 2006, but Spam statistics are quickly outdated. These statistics were derived from a number of different reputable sources including: Google, Brightmail, Jupiter Research, eMarketer, Gartner, MailShell, Harris Interactive, and Ferris Research.

Spam Statistics
Email considered Spam 40% of all email
Daily Spam emails sent 12.4 billion
Daily Spam received per person 6
Annual Spam received per person 2,200
Spam cost to all non-corp Internet users $255 million
Spam cost to all U.S. Corporations in 2002 $8.9 billion
States with Anti-Spam Laws 26
Email address changes due to Spam 16%
Estimated Spam increase by 2007 63%
Annual Spam in 1,000 employee company 2.1 million
Users who reply to Spam email 28%
Users who purchased from Spam email 8%
Corporate email that is considered Spam 15-20%
Wasted corporate time per Spam email 4-5 seconds

Type of Spam Categories (% of total Spam)
Products 25%
Financial 20%
Adult 19%
Scams 9%
Health 7%
Internet 7%
Leisure 6%
Spiritual 4%
Other 3%
Email Statistics
Daily emails sent 31 billion
Daily emails sent per email address 56
Daily emails sent per person 174
Daily emails sent per coporate user 34
Daily emails received per person 10
Email addresses per person 3.1 average
Cost to all Internet users $255 million
Most Annoying
Pornography 91%
Mortgage and Loans 78%
Investments 68%
Real Estate 61%
Software 41%
Internet 7%
Leisure 6%
Spiritual 4%
Other 3%
Email Pornography Statistics
Daily porn emails sent 2.5 billion
Daily porn emails sent per person 4.5

As you can probably see from reading the above statistics, it is important to have a complete Spam safety program in place consisting of an Spam filters.

Spam Filter Review endeavors to contain the most current Internet pornography statistics usage. If you do not see an Internet pornography statistic that you feel should be included, please email to

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