When using any system utility or repair program, there is always one rule to adhere to. Before ever implementing any type of change to a system, always perform a backup and create a system restore point. In Windows a system restore point can be easily done and recovering from any problems is almost foolproof.

Many system repair programs offer built in backup procedures which are also very good for providing insurance against any potential problems. Even the best repair programs can cause problems that are simply not predicted beforehand. Many system repair programs can clean and repair a Windows registry. While most of the time these tools can work without incident, there are the exceptions. Sometimes these tools can cause problems such as lost entries for needed programs or icons that no longer have links to programs. Sometimes system repair programs can alter or repair a system s settings. Making a backup before any repair actions is critical and necessary.

Not only can performing backups be beneficial for running system repair software, it is an invaluable process for securing personal or work data. There are always rare occurrences where data is lost due to many reasons. While some system repair software offer file recovery services, lost data can be difficult to recover. Performing regular backups or even system restore backups can help alleviate any such possibility. Sometimes a second back up in the form of saving important files to an external hard drive or network storage device can help as well.

After performing a backup, test out the recovery process by running a recovery session. Sometimes people will make backups from their system but then find out too late that the backup data was either saved incorrectly or the restore process was unable to run due to errors made during a backup process. Some backup tools can test a backup to see if it was made correctly.

Whether running a software repair tool or making changes to a system, it is always best to use caution and backup data. By doing so on a regular basis, a computer owner will be assured that any changes to the system can be reversed with relative ease. In the process, important data can be safely guarded as well.

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