The Perks of Digital Painting Programs

The Perks of Digital Painting Programs

If you are an artist, you know how much you love creating art with your favorite medium, but the cleanup can become time consuming. Taking the time to clean your brushes well and keep your workspace immaculate can take the fun out of doing something you really enjoy. However, digital painting software can help put a quick end to cleanup while allowing you to enjoy your hobby or your profession as an artist.

If you have been painting using a brush and canvas, you probably cannot imagine having to use a mouse as a brush and a computer monitor for your canvas. However, with the advances that technology has made in the recent years, you'll be surprised how realistic creating digital art can be. You can choose the medium in which you want to create your masterpiece. You even have the option to choose paper or canvas. With many programs when you choose to create on canvas you also have the option to adjust your properties making your canvas look more or less textured. This will allow your creations to appear to be on actual canvas.

When you compare using digital art applications to actual paints and brushes, you'll be amazed how familiar it feels to paint on your computer. By using a digital art program, you have the option to create different colors on a palette by mixing in other colors, just as if you were painting using a physical easel and paints. Some of these programs even allow you to pull paint out of a paint tube and mix the colors using a palette knife. When you have created the perfect shade of blue for the night sky, you can save it in your custom colors so it will be ready for the next time you are painting. This is a definite advantage over using a brush and canvas.

By using digital art applications, you have the option of tracing images. If you have a great photo of a rose that you want to use to create a painting, simply import the image into the program and use the tracing tool. You can then choose to use a color similar to the one in the photo or you can recreate your original image by adding different colors to your rose. Once you are done with that, you can use the watercolor feature to blur the edges of your image to make it look more like a painting.

While a digital art application may not smell of paint or leave colorful splatters on your shirt, you will be able to find that in many ways it is quite similar to painting using a brush and canvas. These digital art applications are created to simulate different brush types and strokes while allowing you to create the perfect shade of paint to add to your masterpiece. Because all of your paint mixing is done on the computer, there is no concern about making a mess or having to clean up when you are done. In addition, you won't have to worry about running out of paint in the middle of a masterpiece or taking up precious floor space in a small house. If you have not tried digital art before, now is the time to give it a shot and being creating professional masterpieces.

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