There are several reasons why you could purchase aquarium screensaver software. You might use these programs for relaxation and something to distract you when your computer enters sleep mode. You may use them as a way to distract your young children or cats. You may even use these desktop aquariums because you have always wanted a pristine saltwater aquarium, but you don't have the time or thousands of dollars it would take to invest in maintenance.

To keep up with the illusion of realism, your virtual aquarium should be full of compatible fish. The old saying, "doesn't play well with others," definitely applies to aquatic life so there's no reason it shouldn't apply to sea dwellers in your virtual fish screensaver.

Tiger Barbs
The tiger barb or Sumatra barb is a freshwater fish that descends from Sumatra and Malaysia. These fish are very popular in the aquarium world because of their four vertical black stripes on each side. Any tank with these fish should house at least a half dozen to avoid aggression. As with most of the animal kingdom, the males will constantly chase the female barbs and only stop when they're hungry. The problem is, they eat everything from flakes to the fins of more passive fish.

The boxfish is a ticking time bomb. This is the underwater equivalent of a person in an office employee going postal. The only fish you should keep in a tank with the boxfish are peaceful fish that don't stress the boxfish out. A frustrated boxfish emits a toxin from their skin that will kill any fish in the tank. With a temperamental boxfish, your aquarium background will start to look lonely.



Puffer fish may seem like a visually interesting addition to aquarium wallpaper, but these territorial fish will eat the fins of other fish. If the fish victims don't immediately die, there's a good chance that the puffer's bite will infect and eventually kill the fish. Puffers will realistically need their own tank to thrive and not cause harm to others.

Convict Cichlids
Due to their name, this species comes packaged with a bad reputation. Yet, they are still very popular for fish collectors. The male convicts are typically gray with black vertical stripes on each side. These fish should only be kept with fish of similar size, because they'll dart at and attack fish that are smaller than they are. The most realistic aquarium screensaver for a convict cichlid would be a tank with several aggressive fish inside.

Triggerfish are known by their variety of colors but also their elongated mouth. These fish require very little maintenance in the case of a real aquarium, but they are strict carnivores. They'll eat anything offered to them, even a finger. Obviously smaller fish in a virtual tank would be mere appetizers in its diet. If you were looking at an aquarium with a live reef and rock setting, the triggerfish would quickly swim to it and eat all surrounding crustaceans. Even a triggerfish-based tank would be a bad idea because these fish hate other triggerfish of the same sex. Competition is standard in nature.

These fish are just a few of the aggressive and poisonous fish that are commonly seen in specialized aquariums. If these fish appeared on your virtual fish screensaver, cannibalism would typically ensue and there would be only one left swimming.

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