An internet caf  can add low-cost, high-return revenue streams to your business as well as attract new customers. But a lot of work can go into installing your hotspot software and launching your cyber caf . There are many factors to consider before charging for the internet. But if done correctly, the additional revenue can help a business excel. However, before you start using hotspot software, take some advice and learn about your business.

When you re looking at cyber caf  software, there are a few features to look for that are only offered by the best software. Our top picks are Antamedia, True Caf  and Caf  Cop. Hotspot software should be simple to use and shouldn t require your customers to download any software. Also, the internet caf  software should allow you to use it with mobile devices, such as phones, tablets and laptops. These options will allow you to offer a paid web connection to the largest amount of customers possible. Some kiosk software will limit the number of licenses you use, but this also limits the amount of income you can receive. The best internet caf  software will allow you to use as many licenses as possible.

After you ve selected the hotspot software you d like to use, download it to your server and you ll be able to create your own charging structure. Deciding how much to charge can be very tricky. If you charge too much you might scare away too many customers. And if you don t charge enough, you might be missing out on revenue or not able to compensate for the cost of your internet caf  software. There are a few factors to consider when selecting your price structure.

With Wi-Fi becoming more widespread, it s possible a similar business offers free internet access. Find out if any competition provides similar services for free or cheaper. You don t need to give your customers an excuse to go to a competitor.

Next, consider other attractive options you can provide. For example, install a few desktop machines for those who don t have a laptop or other mobile device. Provide internet access along with other services. For example, customers who buy a lunch combo can receive an hour of free internet. You can also provide a loyalty program for frequent customers.

If you have a strong connection, be sure to let your customers know what they re using. Customers will feel more satisfied paying for a fast connection.

Most internet cafes charge per hour and do not have a start-up cost. While the price for internet varies greatly by region, most internet cafes do not charge more than $5 per hour. Remember, you don t want to scare away potential customers; you want to help build your business and offer more services.

Hotspot software can help take your caf , hotel or other business to the next level, but it requires careful planning and execution. Before launching your business consider all the different ways you can attract and keep customers coming back for more.

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