If you re a movie buff, you probably have a collection of DVDs you ve spent a considerable amount of money on over the years. While you can certainly get an entertainment system to house all of your DVDs, your DVDs will still wear out with time. DVDs can also become damaged in a number of other ways.

If you have children, you already know your DVD library is often the target of sticky fingers, which is a highly effective way to corrupt a DVD and cause accidents that result in stepped on and broken DVDs. If you really like your home DVD library, the best way to maintain your movie collection is to make digital backups of your physical DVDS.

How to Make a Digital Backup of Your DVD Library

You can make digital backups of your home movie collection in several ways. If you own mostly new movies, getting these DVDs in a digital format should be very easy. Almost all new DVDs come with a separate disc that contains a universal digital copy of the DVD. You can insert this disc into any computer drive to access a restricted link where you can download a specified number of digital copies of the new movie you purchased. You can even download digital versions of your movie in the MPEG-4 format that will allow you to play your movie on mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet.

If you have many older movies in your DVD library and you want to maintain this collection by making a new digital DVD library, you re going to need to use DVD copy software to accomplish this. There are a few different types of DVD copy software you can use to convert your older DVDs into a digital format.

First, you'll need DVD ripping software to transfer the movie files from the physical DVDs to your computer. There are several free DVD ripping software suites available for download, but these free versions tend to be slower, buggier and require a relatively high degree of technical knowledge.

Some of the best-rated DVD ripping software suites include DVD Cloner, 123CopyDVD, 1Click DVD Copy, DVDFab and SlySoft CloneDVD. These software suites range in price from about $40 to $60 and are incredibly simple to use, according to user reviews. In particular, 1Click DVD Copy can complete the whole DVD ripping process with just one click. These software packs also are capable at CSS decryption and removing region codes, which allows you to easily copy DVDs you legally own without being stopped by copyright protections.

Storing Your Home DVD Library

Once you access the universal digital copy of your DVDs or rip them to your computer, the files will be stored directly on your hard drive. The problem with this is that if you have many movies in your DVD library, your collection will swallow your hard drive space very quickly. Storing several dozen movies will leave you with little to no hard drive space at all! To prevent this, many people choose to store their large DVD library on an external hard drive, which is easy to do. You just need to purchase an external hard drive and software with DVD-compression capabilities.

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