If you love your DVR and use it frequently, you re well acquainted with the chore of periodically going through your recorded shows and deleting the ones you ve seen. DVR recorders each have storage limits, so you can't keep all your favorite recordings forever. However, you can permanently save your favorite television shows and movies on DVDs by following this simple process.

Steps for Putting DVR Recordings onto DVDs

  1. Record your show with your DVR as normal.
  2. Turn on your TV and DVD player.
  3. Connect an S-Video cable from your DVR to your DVD player. These cables are usually red and white. If you don t have one on hand, they are available to buy at any electronics store.
  4. Next, you ll need to change the inputs on the DVD player. Since you ll be using the S-Video input, change the setting to L1.
  5. Change your TV s input to match your DVD player s setting.
  6. Make sure all your cables are connected properly. If one cable is loose, your DVD player will not be able to make the recording.
  7. Insert a DVD+R/RW disc into your DVD player.
  8. Push your DVD player s Record button and the Play button on your DVR player to start the show and burn it to DVD.

You ll have to let the show recorded on the DVR show play through in real time while the DVD player records it, but once it s done, you ll have a permanent digital copy of the show on DVD.

Using DVD Copy Software for Advanced Copying

While you can use an S-Video cable to transfer your favorite shows and movies from your DVR onto DVD discs, if you want to do further copying from this point, you ll need DVD copy software. Many people use DVD copying software to convert the movies they have saved on DVD discs into the MPEG-4 format. This format allows you to play movies on mobile media devices such as smartphones, iPods and iPads. DVD copying software suites allow you to make digital copies of older movies; many have CSS decryption capabilities, and some can even repair original DVDs that are scratched or damaged through the copying process.

There are many different types of DVD copying software application; the best are typically judged by the copy quality and copying speed. The best-rated DVD copying software suites can produce excellent, clean, high-quality copies in a short period of time. Some of the best-rated DVD software packs include DVD Cloner, 123 Copy DVD and 1Click DVD Copy.

If you are a huge movie buff and have DVR recordings that you want to save on DVDs, using DVD copying software can compress your media files and save them on an external hard. If you like to save the shows and movies you find memorable, use DVD copying software to preserve your home movie collection in a digital format that s easy to manage, accessing and enjoy.

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