Fashion photo blogs offer a look into the world of everyday couture, fashion on the street, and what creative people all over the world are wearing and snapping photos of. Whether you never wear the same ensemble twice or can only dream of one day wearing Balmain, fashion photo blogs will keep you in the know and feeling a fashionable woman or sartorial man.

This list is styled as a countdown but with the exception of the top two, these are presented in no certain order.

Join us for a look through ten of the most evocative "streetstyle" fashion blogs happening right now. Then download some blog software and start your own!



 The author of PlayLust is a self-described "style hunter, photographer, author and fondue extremist" writing and photographing from Zurich, Switzerland and all points continental and international. This witty blog has German and English language posts and an eclectic tone all its own.

Copenhagen Street Style features photos of some of Copenhagen's most fashionable people from 16-year-old students to professional bloggers of all things couture and beyond. Each photo has the person's name and occupation beneath it. There are also plenty of links to other street style blogs on which to feast your eyes.

Stil In Berlin is a collection of street style photos taken on the streets in and around Berlin, Germany. Inspired by the stylish German way of combining couture, vintage and selfmade items, these photos include the person's name, occupation and what kind of clothing they are wearing in the photo. Ranging from the predictably dark and industrial to the super wacky, this blog is an interesting look at uniquely Berlin styles. Another excellent feature is their massive collection of street style blog links from all over the world - a veritable maze of world fashions.


Tokyo Street Style showcases the sheer inventiveness and just plain fun of the fashion diversity in Tokyo, Japan. You can view the photos by district: Harajuku, Ginza, Shibuya, Ometesando and Daikanyama. Each district has its singular devotion to certain styles. Harajuku district will show you the Takenokozoku (a specific type of street dancer in Harajuku) and "Gothic Lolitas." It is so inspiring to see all the diversity and mixture of fashions in Tokyo.


StreetPeeper is great because it's a collection of photographers from around the world noticing who's wearing what in their respective cities and all coming together on StreetPeeper. This blog a fascinating stroll through streets all over the planet filled with beautiful people wearing their personal fashions. StreetPeeper is also an excellent example of portraiture styles.


Style Borsch is an English-language blog dedicated to the diversity of fashion in St. Petersburg, Russia. The photos are accompanied by a commentary from one of the two friends who take the photos and run the blog.


Fashionalistas is a lovely street style fashion blog out of Madrid, Spain. All the photos are beautiful, sexy and offer a glimpse of how effortless it seems to be beautiful and stylish in the glorious capital of Spain. The writing is in Spanish, but on this blog it's the photos that count!


StreetsWalker is a peep into the fashions on the streets of Tel Aviv, Israel. The people there are gorgeous in general and well dressed to boot!


Scott Schulman, known as The Sartorialist, is one of the original and best street style photographers out there. His portraits alone garner high praise from the fashion and the photography world. He was one of the originators and has perfected the art of noticing well-dressed people on the street and capturing the essence of their style on film. This blog is well worth having on your reader as a daily reminder of the artistic beauty in us all.


Garance Dor  is a fashionable French girl with an eye for photography and a hand for iconic fashion illustration. Her writings are full of ebullient personality and are translated into English for us English-speaking fans. Garance is another great blog for the reader for the daily dose of globetrotting, fashion and her trademark humor.

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