1. Your cat can't eat the fish.

    If you have a virtual fish and a virtual cat, I recommend keeping them in separate hard drives.

  2. Virtual fish are very low maintenance.

    You'll be delighted to have something in your life that's low maintenance. Simply dust the monitor of your aquarium every couple of weeks for a screen that gleams.

  3. Virtual fish don't die.

    Have you or your kids ever become attached to a fish just to have it kick the bucket? Never let this unfortunate event happen again virtual fish have long lifespan. In fact, there has never been a recorded death of a virtual fish, though viruses and spyware have been a threat.

  4. Virtual fish don't smell fishy.

    Virtual fish don't smell at all. Well actually, they do, but the human nose can't detect virtual smells and as far as I know, dogs can't either.

  5. No more flushing unwanted fish down the toilet.

    If you get tired of a virtual fish, simply hit the delete key and vaporize it into cyberspace.

  6. No more trips to the pet store.

    How many times have you taken your kids to the pet store to purchase a goldfish and came home with a goldfish, a puppy and a gerbil? You can fill your virtual aquarium by simply downloading fish from the Internet. Don't worry virtual puppies and gerbils are easy to take care of too.

  7. Virtual water-dwellers are less expensive.

    Don't spend hundreds of dollars on a few fish; spend a few dollars on hundreds of virtual fish.

  8. You can mute a virtual aquarium.

    Now you can get rid of that annoying hum of the air pump just turn down the volume.

  9. Keep great white sharks in the house.

    Laws prohibit you to have even a raccoon as a pet you'll never be able to hide a great white shark. However, you can have a virtual great white, hammerhead, tiger and sand shark. And that's just in the living room.

  10. Virtual aquariums mean no water damage.

  11. Set a virtual aquarium anywhere in the house, even on that old antique table. Your virtual aquarium will never leak or spill, but it may freeze up now and then.

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