Every videographer fears it, yet time and again teams of camera operators and editors fail to catch a seemingly insignificant and yet major gaffe.

Maybe a busted-out car windshield replaced itself in the middle of a high-speed chase. Perhaps a Civil War soldier wore a digital watch or muddy sneakers. Or a cat crossed a scene so many times, it looked as if the director filmed the movie in the Matrix. And in one inexplicable moment, the vicarious reality you were immersed in reminds you it is fiction, jerking you out of your suspended disbelief. Some try to ignore such mistakes, but many audience members have a hard time reconnecting right away. A bruise, cut, scar or mole that seemed to travel more than the TARDIS can prove awfully distracting from what would otherwise be a solid plot line.

Even some of the highest-grossing, major-studio films have an error or two that are instantly recognizable. Tony Stark grew a personalized license plate on the front of his car in  Iron Man.  Neither Indiana Jones nor Frodo Baggins committed to a location for their facial injuries. Jack Sparrow shared the Black Pearl with a film crew member in the background.  Transformers,   Speed,   Gladiator  and  Titanic  all had a variety of transgressions. And those represent just a small sampling of movies whose continuity problems have been widely noted. You cannot help but wonder how anyone could overlook such glaring oversights.

The Reason
Human error is the cause of almost all continuity issues. They can be difficult to catch and awkward to cover up. Luckily, there are ways to minimize mistakes. Have cast and crew members take off all nonessential jewelry before entering the set. Take photographs of cast members in full costume, with hair and makeup done. This helps eliminate confusion about which side a ponytail should be on or how many shirt buttons should be open. Taking pictures of an entire scene is highly recommended as well. Note little things about the photo: the amount of food on a plate, position of pencils on a desk, fullness of a coffee cup and time on a clock are all things that could cause noticeable problems with continuity. A basic camera is a simple but often overlooked tool.

The Fix
Video editing software is another weapon in the war against continuity errors. When you have finished filming and you are ready to cover the proverbial (or literal) cutting room floor, whether in film or pixels, fire up the best video editing software you can find. It doesn t matter whether you are shooting cute cat videos, composing short films for school, or cementing your place in cinematic history, seize the opportunity to show everyone your vision just the way it was in your head. A well-made film is a powerful message.

Finding the software you need can seem overwhelming, so begin with our Video Editing Software Reviews. There, you can read about top options. Compare several software solutions and decide which one best suits your requirements.

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