Ask any Apple fan why Mac drawing software is better than Windows-based drawing software, and he might say, "Duh! It's made for Mac." That's spot on.

The advantages of creating artwork, graphics, maps and any designs with Mac-based drawing software vs. Windows-based drawing software start with the operating system. Apple always has catered to designers with its line of Mac computers, and its appeal to those creative types intensified in 2002 with the introduction of OS X. For designers, it's the best operating system on the market.

Here are some of the reasons it works better for drawing, artwork and design:

OS X is stable.
It would be a lie to say that OS X does not freeze, but it's accurate to say that such slowdowns occur far less frequently with the Apple OS than they do with drawing programs on Windows machines. Thus, working in OS X allows greater productivity and entails less frustration than working in Microsoft Windows.

Virus-free operating system.
Despite reports that Mac computers can be infected with viruses, I have never seen it in my 18 years of working with Mac computers. Most Mac users don't use anti-virus software because it's unnecessary. This virtually malware- and virus-free environment is conducive to running Mac drawing applications that may require high amounts of memory, which can be hindered by viruses.

Color calibration.
Apple works hard to ensure that colors are vibrant and true-to-life. Every image you create using Mac drawing software will reflect the company's state-of-the-art color calibration that uses spectroradiometers to match recognized color standards. Precise and crisp colors will help you create artwork that matches real-life intensity.

Screen innovations.
Along with lifelike colors, Mac computer screens are among the most innovative on the market. They greatly enhance the use of Mac drawing software. Apple's full lamination on its Mac screens eliminates space between its LCD and monitor cover glass. The result is that images appear to leap off the screen. Another benefit of the full lamination is that it greatly reduces reflection and glare. All these advantages make your digital artwork with Mac drawing programs appear more realistic, and more like they were created with a pen, pencil or paintbrush on paper.

Ease of use.
Let's face it, the OS X desktop and tools are aesthetically and graphically appealing, intuitive and easy to use. Combined with Mac keyboard commands, the Mac dock and Genie, as well as hot corners to access easily any of a dozen open windows at once, Mac drawing software is a pleasure to use because the OS greatly enhances efficiency.

To be fair, there are many good Windows-based drawing applications on the market, and Microsoft has worked hard in recent years to close the quality, aesthetic and usability gaps between Mac OS X and Windows. It has come close to doing so, but has not quite reached the level obtained by Apple. Perhaps it never will.

Remember also that not all Mac drawing programs are equal. Just because an application runs on a Mac doesn't mean it's the best. Each program offers individual features, functions and tools that, in comparison, may or may not be most effective for your needs. Generally, however, most Mac drawing programs will do a better job and better suit the needs of most artists and designers than Windows-based drawing programs.

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