What is Spyware?

What is Spyware?

In general, spyware is a software application that gathers information about a person or employee with or without their knowledge. There are basically two types of spyware. The most annoying type is the spyware that some unscrupulous businesses place on your computer to track your surfing habits and then that information is transferred or sold to marketers and other interested parties.

The other type of spyware, sometimes known as Spy software, is used to monitor or record all activities occurring on the computer. Typically this is a parent trying to identify what their children are doing on the computer. This can also be used by a husband or wife, to check up on the online activities of their spouse. This web site, Monitoring Software Review, is focused on this later example of spyware, the type that monitors your children, spouse, or employees.

Spyware or Spy software can be loaded intentionally by the purchaser of the software or unintentionally from a virus or attachment in an email. Sometimes, Spy software can be installed as a computer monitor and is readily apparent to all users that they are being monitored. Some might argue then, that it isn't Spyware because they know they are being monitored and not spied on. Whatever you call it, Spyware primarily allows the monitoring and recording of information about an individual or organization.

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