You may live in one of the hundreds of countries around the world that only speak one language. But if you take a closer look, you will see that there are literally dozens of different languages spoken all around your small community. We have access to all forms of communication in newspapers, books, magazines, movies, TV and on the Internet. All of these methods of communication come in many different languages. There are an unlimited number of ways to learn new things about the people that might be living right next door to you. Learn Spanish software is a good starting point for learning Spanish.

Skills for Life

If you wish to do better in school and develop great skills for the future than look no further than language study. Research has shown that math and verbal SAT scores climb higher with each additional year of foreign language study, which means that the longer you study a foreign language, the stronger your skills become to succeed in school. Studying a foreign language can improve your analytic and interpretive capacities. If you've already learned a language other than English at home, expanding your knowledge of its vocabulary, grammar, culture, and literature at the same time you are learning English will also improve your chances for success in school and in your career.

Working Opportunities

If you're considering any of the major professions-such as medicine, law or technology-knowing a second language guarantees your application more attention. No matter what career you choose, a second language is always an asset. Diverse workers that can effectively communicate in another language are a golden commodity.

If you've ever thought of being a nurse, a doctor, a police officer, a judge, an architect, a businessperson, a singer, a plumber, or a Web master, you will multiply your chances for success if you speak more than one language.

Professionals who know other languages are called on to travel and exchange information with people in other countries throughout their careers. Knowing more than one language enhances opportunities in government, business, medicine or health care, law enforcement, teaching, technology, the military, communications, industry, social service, and marketing. An employer will see you as a bridge to new clients or customers if you know a second language.

Expand Your Horizons

Our world is full of amazing and useful information. We live in an age of personal discovery where we are expected to cultivate outside influences and make these influences a part of our lives. Traveling the world to see beautiful monuments and colorful places is a wonderful way to enrich one's life. But when you travel to a new land and hear the stories of people's triumphs and struggles in their native tongue, than you can truly say you have been enlightened.

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