It’s tempting to rely on English when you vacation in another country simply because you are part of a tour group or because you are confident that people will be able to understand tourist-speak. Many people know how to get by with nothing more than a small phrasebook. There is another route to take: self-imposed immersion.

Imagine how much easier it would be if you knew enough Spanish to form your own statements and questions that apply to the situation at hand instead of using standardized phrases from a book and hoping someone understands. Imagine being able to ask for exactly what you want and understand simple responses. That’s a whole new level of comfort and confidence you can enjoy while you relax. And, with a little discipline, you can use only Spanish, all of the time, and return from your vacation with a better command of the language than you ever imagined.

You’ll need to practice with Learn Spanish software up to two weeks or so before your trip. But not all Spanish learning software is created equal. Some programs focus on getting a working vocabulary and basic phrasing down early on so you can be conversant quickly, while others focus on fluency. If you need to learn enough Spanish to get around before you leave on vacation, you want to use the right software.

Our #2 ranked product, Fluenz, is an excellent choice for this purpose. Fluenz focuses on teaching words and grammar that will be immediately useful to a traveler, so you can learn what you need to navigate a foreign city. Instead of teaching you words like flag and horse and complicated grammar, Fluenz teaches you words like cell phone and suitcase and how to ask basic questions. This method helps you get conversant in the language quickly, allowing you to learn enough even if you leave in less than a week.

Another program that is good for learning everyday Spanish quickly is Rocket Spanish. Much like Fluenz, Rocket Spanish doesn’t focus deeply on grammar at first, instead teaching how to navigate a city as a tourist and ask for important information. And, Rocket Spanish has lessons you can put on your mp3 player, perfect for a long flight.

While all of the products in our review will help you learn Spanish, these two are especially useful if you need to learn the basics fast. Take a look at our side-by-side comparison of Learn Spanish software, choose your favorite, and get the most out of your upcoming vacation. Ayez un bon voyage.

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