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NovaBACKUP Professional Review

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PROS / It has a comprehensive range of features.

CONS / Free cloud storage is offered, but it's limited to only 2GB.

 VERDICT / NovaBACKUP ranks high for its ability to perform a variety of backup functions and for taking a comprehensive approach to support.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following review is based on NovaBACKUP Professional. Novastor has informed us that NovaBACKUP Professional has been updated to NovaBACKUP v17.1 PC. We will evaluate the updated version with the scheduled update of this site.

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NovaBACKUP is a highly effective data backup software program that keeps all of your important files safe from loss in the event of a virus or computer crash. It not only saves backups of your digital files, but it also saves your system programs and settings, making it easy for you to transfer all of that information to another machine if necessary so that you can resume operations. Data can be stored locally or to any number of online destinations. The program's fluid operational speed and ease of use makes it the winner of our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for best backup software solution.

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Backup Features

NovaBACKUP comes equipped with all of the major backup and restoration features you should look for in a program of its type. Its ability to perform a full backup of your computer means it doesn't just protect your image and media files, but it also backs up your entire hard drive including files, folders and applications.

Full backups can take a long time, which is why you don't perform them as frequently. But there is always the risk of computer failure, so NovaBACKUP also offers the ability to perform incremental and differential backup. Both are performed at varying frequencies and serve to back up new and updated file data so that you're always covered. Having the flexibility to perform full, differential and incremental backup is a feature shared by all of the best backup software programs.

Additionally, NovaBACKUP lets you perform a complete system image backup, which stores an exact copy of your hard drive, including the operating system itself and all registry, drivers and software configurations. The program routinely performs a virus scan of your entire computer, and all stored data is encrypted and safeguarded by password. NovaBACKUP is also compatible with many popular file-sharing networks like Dropbox and Google Drive, which means that you can store data to the cloud for added off-site security. It comes with access to free cloud storage for the first year, but unfortunately you are limited to just 2GB of space.

Recovery & Restore

NovaBACKUP's versatile recover and restore capabilities let you restore specific folders without the need to restore your entire computer system. Files can also be restored to different locations, such as other computers. When you restore files to another computer, file paths will also be restored for easy access. Once data has been restored, it is universally viewable. This means you don't have to rely on the backup software to access your data once it's been recovered.

Recovery and restoration features are simple to manage. The interface is laid out on a dashboard that is not overly complex, and it makes the task of recovering lost or corrupted files intuitive. All that's required when restoring individual files or folders is to choose the items you want from within a backup file. You can also launch a backup wizard to walk you through more complex scenarios like restoring an entire hard drive image.

Scheduling & Reporting

Because some backup utilities can slow your computer down, you may want to schedule them to take place during certain hours or on specific days. NovaBACKUP comes with a strong set of scheduling and reporting features that are fully customizable.

Backups can be catered to your needs, and you can set the software to automatically launch a variety of functions on varying schedules. For example, you can schedule incremental backups to take place every few hours while also scheduling the program to run a differential backup session each night at midnight on a recurring basis.

In addition to scheduling, you also have the option to pull reports that log all activity so that you can review it regularly. Notifications can be set for any type of activity, delivering an email each time a scheduled backup has taken place and providing you with details of what was backed up so that you can confirm it was successful.

Help & Support

Although NovaBACKUP is an easy data backup software program to operate, this doesn't mean you won't encounter the occasional question about how to perform a specific task. For this reason, the program offers comprehensive help and support that begins with a rich online knowledgebase and includes email, live chat and telephone support. The product website even offers training webinars to help you through various aspects of installing and operating NovaBACKUP.


NovaBACKUP offers numerous layers of protection that are aided by a built-in virus scanner that guards your system against outside attack. Full, incremental and differential backup tasks ensure even recently updated files are safely backed up. Backup capabilities give you the option of storing your data to the cloud or locally, and robust recovery and restore settings give you numerous options for where to resume operations in the event of a computer crisis. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

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