Pros / The backup process is easy to follow.

Cons / It doesn’t restore files.

 Verdict / Simplicity is usually good when it comes to data backup software, but O&O AutoBackup’s simplicity doesn’t help. It has no restore features, encryption or compression.

O&O AutoBackup is a simple data backup app that creates a one-to-one backup of your data on an external drive. The app works automatically and features a stripped-down interface. However, you can’t restore files with the app – they must be manually copied from the external drive. It also lacks security features and advanced backup features that you find with the best data backup software in our review.

To find the best backup software, we tested each product on the same computer with the same data. We tested the backup process by recording the speed, CPU usage and compression rates. We also tested the restore process in a similar fashion. Most importantly, we evaluated how easy each software is to use through the backup and restore processes because the best data backup apps cater to novice computer users.

O&O AutoBackup received a B-plus for ease of use during the backup process. The app has perhaps the most stripped-down interface available, which leaves little room for a novice user to get lost. It has four steps that are simply titled – What, Where, How and When. However, the app also relies heavily on symbols to activate certain features or bring up menus. Text is preferable because it doesn’t leave you to guess what the feature is. That said, symbols are a relatively small learning curve to overcome.

The backup speed received a B in our tests, which means it was above average. On our computer, it recorded an average speed of 1.23GB of data per minute, which means you can complete a 1TB backup in about 13.5 hours. For comparison, the fastest software in our tests would complete the same backup two hours faster, while the slowest would take over two and a half days.

O&O’s speed is mostly comparable to the speed it takes to simply copy and paste files from your computer to an external drive, which is exactly what the app does. There is no encryption or compression. It simply copies the data and then syncs any changes you make afterward. This is ideal for users that want a very simple app for backing up documents and media files.

The biggest downside to O&O AutoBackup is the restore process because there is no restore process. If your computer crashes and you lose all your data, you restore the files by copying and pasting them from the external hard drive you backed up to. The software plays no part in this process, which is why it received no grade for restore speed and ease of use.

This data backup app also lacks most of the advanced features you find in the best backup software. Most importantly, it doesn’t create full system images, which means you can’t back up your entire system, including data. It only backs up data files.

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  2. 10  O&O
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  3. 4.0 Encryption Options
  4. 3.0 Encryption Options
  5. 3  EaseUS
    1.0 Encryption Options
  6. Category Average
    1.9 Encryption Options


O&O AutoBackup is data backup software that creates a simple one-to-one copy of your data. This makes it ideal for novice users that just want a backup process that’s automatic and easy to use. However, the app doesn’t restore your files. If you lose files, you have to manually copy them over from the backup sets.

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