Pros / The backup and restore processes are very easy.

Cons / The backup speed was very slow in our tests.

 Verdict / Paragon Backup & Recovery is designed for both novice and advanced users, but the latest update is drastically slower than previous versions.

Paragon’s latest update of the Backup & Recovery app, taking it from version 15 to version 16, greatly improved the software compared to past iterations. This update is practically a complete overhaul of the app. The new version has one of the easiest interfaces for a novice to navigate, but it still has enough advanced features to satiate more technical users. The biggest downside is its slow speed. In addition, the latest update proved to be a bit buggy, which is somewhat expected when such drastic changes are made. You can expect these bugs to be fixed with rolling updates.

To evaluate and test the backup software in our review, we installed each one on our test computer and used the same data for each product. For the backup process, we evaluated the ease of use and recorded the average backup speed, compression and CPU usage. We did the same with the restore process, with the exception of compression. The best backup software for the average computer user is easy to use and fast, and it doesn’t require all of your CPU resources.

Paragon received an A-minus for ease of use during the backup and restore processes. The new design clearly focuses on novice users, as it prioritizes backup tasks. We counted between four and six steps in the backup process, depending on the options you choose. There were even fewer steps in the restore process. This means there is little chance of user error.

We did encounter bugs when we backed up data. After finishing the backup sets, the app would say the task was running, but it actually didn’t initiate the backup immediately. Sometimes the backup tasks didn’t start until nearly 30 minutes after the app first indicated they were running. In addition, the restore process failed at least twice. We successfully restored files, but the failed attempts caused the ease of use grade to fall a little.

This data backup app’s biggest downside is its backup speed. Not counting the time spent waiting for the app to start running backup sets, it was still among the slowest programs in our review. It averaged a speed of 520MB per minute, which is nearly three times slower than the fastest backup app in our tests. The restore speed was only a little bit faster, averaging 640MB per minute, but this is almost four times slower than the fastest restore speed in our tests. However, the CPU usage was low, so it’s not a strain on resources.

On a positive note, the compression rate was excellent, receiving a B-plus in our comparative tests. It compressed our test data by an average of 4.12 percent, which is well above average and a drastic improvement over the previous version’s results. Setting the compression to its maximum slows the program down even further during the backup process, but it does save some storage on the back end.

Paragon Backup & Recovery has always leaned toward more technically advanced users, which is evident in its advanced features. It has incremental and differential backup schemes, a rescue media builder and full system imaging, and this is just the shortlist of advanced features. However, encryption and password protection are only available with pVHD (paragon virtual hard drive) backup sets.

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Paragon Backup & Recovery is a data backup solution for novice and advanced users alike. The backup and restore processes are simple compared to previous versions of the app, which makes it easy to use for novices, but it still has advanced features. While it was among the slowest apps in our tests for both its backup and restore speeds, the data compression was excellent, and the CPU usage was minimal.

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