Pros / The software can back up to FileStream’s private cloud service.

Cons / The backup speed was below average.

 Verdict / While there are some learning curves, TurboBackup is easier to use than many backup apps, and the compression was good. However, the backup and restore speeds were disappointing.

Developed by FileStream, TurboBackup is a data backup solution designed to be simple, secure and fast. You can maintain file versions and back up to multiple destinations at once. In our tests, it proved to have above-average ease of use, but the backup and restore speeds were just average.

For our review of the best data backup software, we tested each app using the same data on the same test computer. We evaluated the ease of use from the perspective of a novice user by looking at the number of steps in the backup and restore processes, as well as the organization and design of the interface – the best backup software is usable for everyone, not just tech experts. We then ran multiple rounds of backup and restore sets to evaluate the backup speed, restore speed, compression rate and CPU usage.

For the backup stage, TurboBackup received a B-minus for ease of use, which put it just above average. We counted as many as 14 steps from the moment we created a backup set to the point when the program started backing up. This is more steps than almost every app in our review. Fortunately, the backup wizard walks you along from step to step, so there’s very little opportunity to make mistakes or get lost in the process. The interface, however, is a little cluttered and dated. It has a minor learning curve to navigate but nothing significant.

The restore process was slightly better, receiving a B for ease of use. There are far fewer steps to the process. We counted an average of six steps, though this can vary according to the type of restore you perform. The ease of use is ideal for an intermediate user.

There was nothing turbo about the backup and restore speeds in our tests. The backup speed received a C-minus and the restore received a C-plus, which makes this data backup app average. The average backup speed was less than 680MB per minute, while the restore speed was 1.12GB per minute. For comparison, the fastest speeds in our tests were 1.53GB per minute for the backup and 2.53GB per minute for the restore. When these rates are applied to 1TB of data, the fastest data backup app in our review can finish a backup set 13.5 hours before TurboBackup.

On a positive note, TurboBackup’s average compression rate in our tests was excellent, receiving a B-plus. It compressed our test data by an average of 4.4 percent, which doesn’t seem like a lot at first, but this really adds up when you’re backing up a lot of data.

Another one of TurboBackup’s good features is its integration with FileStream’s private cloud service. One of the best things you can do is back your data up to a cloud service because this ensures your data is both off site and stored redundantly on servers. That said, cloud storage services require a monthly or yearly subscription, so it does add to the overall cost of protecting your data.

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TurboBackup is a data backup app that has slightly above average ease of use for the backup and restore processes, though both speeds were just average. However, the data compression was excellent, and the software integrates with FileStream cloud storage, which is a great feature if you want an easy option for off-site storage.

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