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Data Recovery Pro Review

PROS / Data Recovery Pro from ParetoLogic includes the ability to search for specific text within a document to locate lost files.

CONS / Data Recovery Pro is a basic recovery program, and doesn't include the ability to create clone/image files.

 VERDICT / ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro isn't the best data recovery software, but it works alright for basic data restoration.

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Data Recovery Pro

Data Recovery Pro from ParetoLogic has several scanning engines to find and recover lost data, but lacks any other discernable features. Luckily, their scanning engines recover enough files to somewhat fill the void the lack of additional features creates. We performed numerous tests on this data recovery software’s recovery capabilities, and each type of scan always passed with flying colors. If you want simple data recovery software that recovers your data without distracting you with additional features, we wholeheartedly recommend this software. However, added features would increase its appeal and overall usefulness.

File Recovery Rate

The features in Data Recovery Pro consist of the various scans it can perform. With this data recovery software, you can perform quick, full, guided, advanced and email scans. Quick scans look on your computer and the devices that are currently connected to it for files that can be easily recovered. Full scans browse through the same areas, except they’re designed to locate any files that can be recovered. Guided scans let you choose whether you want to recover emails or files from your hard drive or external devices.

Advanced Scans allow you to indicate which areas of certain mounted and unmounted volumes you want to scan. If you know the name of the file you want to recover, or a section of text in it, you can use that information to find and restore the files you need. This scan goes about as deep as the Quick Scan, except it lets you determine where and what you’re going to scan. Email Scans restore emails from your default email application, email profiles and data files. It’s easy to accidentally delete important emails, and with this application, it’s even easier to get them back.

Recovery Speed

Since Data Recovery Pro is a series of scanning engines that could easily stand on their own in separate applications, it’s one of the easiest pieces of data recovery software to use. You don’t have to worry about extraneous features complicating the process, and the interface itself loads very quickly. While we like the ease with which this simple application recovers data, we were left wanting more. The best data recovery software allows you to do additional things with your data like create system restore points and bootable discs rather than just settling for putting the data back on your hard drive.


ParetoLogic offers an impressive frequently asked questions section that’s loaded with hundreds of entries regarding this data recovery software. If you can’t find answers to your questions there, you can either call their telephone support line or chat online with a customer service representative. Unfortunately, the live chat support option is only available to users that have a license key handy.


Data Recovery Pro is data recovery software that recovers data, but lacks the additional features that keep users coming back for more. We enjoyed using every data recovery scanning engine in this application, especially because they don’t make you wait for your scan results. With this application, your accidentally deleted data is going to be back on your hard drive in minutes.

Data Recovery Pro