Pros / The program is solid and successful for recovering all files types, and it also offers a hard drive recovery service if it doesn’t find all of your lost files.

Cons / Advanced options make it a bit difficult for inexperienced users to navigate.

 Verdict / Seagate File Recovery has good recovery success rates overall, but it has no standout features despite its high price tag.

Seagate Technology is easily one of the most recognized names in the computer industry. The company is largely known for its hardware innovations, but it also offers data recovery software. Seagate File Recovery for Windows offers a lot of the same features of the other software we tested, and it has recovery success rates on par with much of the competition.

The recovery software tested well in recovering lost files from solid-state drives (SSD) and hard disk drives (HDD) for all of the file types we tested, including photos, documents videos and music files. In most scenarios, it tested well above the average for each file type. It recovered 98 percent of photos in our lost files tests and 97 percent in the reformatted drive tests. With documents, it also did well, regaining 99 percent in the lost files scenarios and 90 in our testing of reformatted drives. Both of these scores are above the category average. Lastly, it recovered 98 percent of media files in the lost files tests and 90 in the reformatted drive tests.

In our tests, we found the application to be decently easy to use overall. Installation didn’t require too many steps. Though the interface could stand to be modernized to have a sleeker feel, it wasn’t too cluttered and had a sensible layout. However, unlike the best data recovery software we reviewed, the program felt bogged down in its scan and recovery aspects. Both actions are full of advanced options that make it a bit daunting for most novice users to navigate through easily and quickly.

The file recovery program is compatible with Mac OS X and all recent Windows versions, which could be part of the reason why it’s one of the more expensive programs in our lineup. Should you ever have any questions or concerns regarding the program, you can contact Seagate’s technical support reps through phone or email. There are also a variety of informational resources available on the company website.

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Seagate File Recovery for Windows has a definite talent for deleted file recovery, but other aspects of its performance and speeds were purely middle of the road. The layout feels slightly outdated and gets hung up on advanced features, which detract slightly from its ease of use, especially for novice users. Regardless, it still proved to be a moderately solid program overall regardless of file or drive type, though nothing really stands out about it, despite its large price tag.

Seagate File Recovery 2.0 Visit Site