Pros / It lets you choose between using wizards or an advanced manual mode, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

Cons / The interface lacks an intuitive feel and is extremely limited in its functionality.

 Verdict / Wondershare Data Recovery lacks strong scan and recovery speeds, but has impressive file format compatibility, which is noteworthy for those who lost a variety of files.

Even though Wondershare isn't the best data recovery software, it still earns a place among our top 10 options for logical file recovery. Beyond its above-average lost file recover rates, it also features a variety of extra scan and preview options, as well as its ability to run partition or raw hard drive recovery.

The software pulled consistently high numbers for recovering lost files. In our lost file tests, Wondershare recovered an impressive 98 percent of photos and documents and 99 percent of video and music files. In our reformatted drive tests, it grabbed 90 percent of images, 80 percent of documents and 81 percent of media files. Overall, its scan and recovery speeds were below average, especially on solid-state drives, but we found no correlation between these speeds and successful recovery rates.

The file recovery program is available on all recent Windows and Mac OS X versions, though not for Linux or any Windows Server versions. It is compatible with a large variety of file types, including: PDF, DOCX, EPS, MP3, WAV, TIFF, JPG, PNG, BMP, GIV, ZIP, RAR, AVI, MOV and WMV. Though it could have had higher recovery success rates with reformatted drives, the program had decent success rates overall, which is convenient if your drive formerly contained a massive variety of file formats.

While the data recovery software is easy to install, the user is dropped off at a fork in the road upon opening the homepage. On paper, the program lets you choose between using a novice-friendly wizard or an advanced manual recovery mode; however, the main page is the advanced user interface, and the option to use the wizard guide is shoved up to the top of the page in a small-font sentence with a hyperlink, which most inexperienced users may overlook. Additionally, you may have to run multiple scan and restore cycles, as certain recovery options only let you select one file type at a time.

The company, Wondershare, has helpful tips, product manuals and a limited FAQs section but completely lacks a community user forum – something most protection software developers provide to their users. If you'd rather talk to one of Wondershare's technical specialists directly, you can really only reach them via email, though they do have a phone number available for their China-based headquarters.

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Wondershare Data Recovery's best features are its above-average lost file recovery rates, the variety of extra functions and its compatibility with a wide variety of file formats. The software's only real hindrance is its interface, which lacks an intuitive flow and design.

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