Pros / The interface is simple and straightforward.

Cons / You can't preview files or save search results for later recovery.

 Verdict / While iCare Data Recovery has a simple interface suited for novice users, it lacks a couple of important functions. It's also not the best choice for recovering documents from a reformatted disk. Otherwise, it's solid disk recovery software.

If you are not comfortable learning new programs, you'll appreciate iCare Data Recovery's disk recovery software. It offers a straightforward interface, which is a big help when you're already frustrated about losing files. With one notable exception – lost document files from reformatting – it performed well during our data recovery tests.

You have three options for recovering lost data from your hard drive: deleted file recovery, reformatted file recovery and lost partition recovery. iCare was able to find all the files we lost due to deletion, but in recovering deleted files from reformatting, it had some problems.

This hard drive recovery software tested well in recovering image (99%) and video and audio files (91%) but was consistently unsuccessful in recovering document files (56%). We did not find a pattern to indicate why it had better success with certain files than others, or why the program only recovered a portion of each file format. If you do not find the file you need the first time, you run the scan again, as often these programs find different files each time they scan the drive.

iCare got top marks in nearly all the ease-of-use features we evaluated. The user-friendly interface walks you through the process and offers some advanced features for experienced users. The preselected scan settings address the most common issues, and if a quick scan does not uncover the file, you get a prompt to run a deeper scan without having to start over again.

However, iCare's overall score is lower only because it is missing two important features. A pause scan feature gives you the liberty of pausing and starting the scan where you left off, while an option to save results would let you start the recovery process later. As a result, if you need to recover data, expect to babysit the computer until the process is complete.

Nonetheless, the recovery process is simple. It gives you a file tree so you can see the files it found, including the raw data. You can review files before selecting them for recovery.

It lacks network access for working on a separate computer in your network, but it does let you install the software on three computers with a single license. The Technician version lets you install it on as many computers as needed. All versions work with RAID servers and have lifetime upgrades.

The developer, iCareAll, offers customer support via live chat, email and phone. If you have questions before purchasing the program, you need to use phone or live chat support. It has an online knowledgebase with FAQs but no user manual for iCare Data Recovery.

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  • Lost Image File Recovery
  • Lost Document File Recovery
  • Lost Media File Recovery
  • Reformatted Image Files
  • Reformatted Document Files
  • Reformatted Video & Audio Files
  1. This is the average percentage of lost images we successfully recovered from multiple drives using the data recovery software in our tests.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 7  iCare Data Recovery
    100.0 %
  3. 1  EaseUS
    100.0 %
  4. 100.0 %
  5. 100.0 %
  6. Category Average
    99.6 %


Despite lacking a couple of useful features, iCare Data Recovery is an excellent tool for novices needing to recover deleted files from a disk. It also has features for advanced users and businesses. It fell short in recovering documents lost to reformatting, but otherwise did a good job finding lost data.

Contributing Reviewer: Karina Fabian

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