Pros / IT professionals can use the scanning mode to examine damage and errors.

Cons / It lacks many of the features that would make it a good choice for some small businesses.

 Verdict / If you are a home business or only have a few computers, then Secure Data is a good choice, especially if you have lots of images or video to protect.

Secure Data Recovery is a data recovery service that works with businesses for larger-scale disk restoration, including RAID systems. It offers disk recovery software, Secure Recovery, that is suitable for individuals or very small businesses. However, it lacks features that make it useful for businesses that have multiple computers.

The strength of Secure Recovery is its ability to recover deleted files, especially images, audio and video. Whether the loss was due to deletion or reformatting, our testers were able to recover 100% of the lost data. This is great if you have a business that relies heavily on images, such as photography or design. It did not fare as well recovering reformatted documents, however, so if yours is a company of paperwork, check out our higher-rated disk recovery systems.

This hard drive recovery software has a very basic interface, making it easy to use. One interesting feature, which is useful for IT specialists, is the visual grid that shows the scanning process. This can help IT experts locate sources of damage in a hard drive to diagnose issues. While only available for Windows, you can use it on a Mac-formatted hard drive.

However, we missed having a Pause Scan function, which is a big help if your scan is taking longer than expected. Also, it has an option to save results for later examination, but you don't see this feature until after you exit the program, which can cause confusion.

Secure Recovery's scanning and recovery speed were impressive and among the highest of the hard drive recovery programs we tested. While there was no correlation between speed and recovery rates, it is an advantage that Secure Recovery is quick.

This software is not the best choice for larger businesses. For one, the software is single-license only, meaning you can install it on only one computer, which can be inconvenient, especially since this software does not allow remote network access. While the Secure Data Recovery service works with RAID systems, this software cannot handle complex servers.

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  • Lost Image File Recovery
  • Lost Document File Recovery
  • Lost Media File Recovery
  • Reformatted Image Files
  • Reformatted Document Files
  • Reformatted Video & Audio Files
  1. This is the average percentage of lost images we successfully recovered from multiple drives using the data recovery software in our tests.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 9  Secure Recovery
    100.0 %
  3. 1  EaseUS
    100.0 %
  4. 100.0 %
  5. 100.0 %
  6. Category Average
    99.6 %


Secure Recovery is Windows software best suited for use by private owners or small businesses for disk recovery. It only installs on a single Windows computer but can recover lost data from Mac-formatted drives. While lacking advanced features, it does an excellent job of data recovery, especially for images and video.

Contributing Reviewer: Karina Fabian

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