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Pros / The backup and restore processes are both easy to follow.

Cons / The backup speed is just average.

 Verdict / CopyCatX has some excellent recovery features, but its data backup options are very simple and very limited.

If you love big cats, you’ll appreciate the CopyCatX app’s interface, which features pictures of lions, tigers, cheetahs and other cats. The cats have nothing to do with protecting your data, but they’re nice to look at. The program is designed by Subrosa Software to make exact copies of your data on external devices – hence its punny name. In our tests, the app proved to be mostly average. It’s generally easy to use but isn’t as fast as the best Mac backup software.

For our review, we evaluated how easy it is to back up and restore data with each software. Ease of use is critical with this type of program because everyone with a Mac should be able to protect their data. We also tested the backup and restore speeds, as well as the CPU usage during both processes. The best Mac data backup software is easy for a novice to use and performs well.

CopyCatX received a B for ease of use for both the backup and the restore processes. The interface is loaded with a lot of text, but the text has a purpose – it explains how the features work. This is excellent, as it provides context for novices. However, you can’t minimize the text.

The app’s biggest downside is that it only backs up volumes and disks. You cannot choose to only back up specific folders or files. This limits the program’s usefulness, as most people don’t need to back up every single file on their hard drive.

The software’s performance wasn’t impressive – it received a C grade for backup speed and a B grade for restore speed. Its average backup speed in our tests was about 1.16GB per minute, which is significantly slower than the program with the fastest backup speed. It restored files only slightly faster, at a rate of 1.4GB per minute. The program can back up and restore documents at about the same speed you can manually copy and paste files to an external drive. On a positive note, the CPU usage was excellent in both tests.

CopyCatX lacks most of the advanced features we looked for. The app can’t back up data incrementally, encrypt files, schedule backup sets or back up to cloud storage. That said, it can create bootable backup sets and clone your hard drive. It can also recover data from faulty drives, which is not a common feature with Mac backup software.

  • Average Backup Speed
  • Average Restore Speed
  • CPU Usage during Backup
  1. After many backup sets, this was the average rate the app backed up data.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 7  CopyCatX
    1.16 GB per minute
  3. 2.3 GB per minute
  4. 1.49 GB per minute
  5. 0.93 GB per minute
  6. Category Average
    1.27 GB per minute


CopyCatX is a Mac backup app designed to make exact copies of your volumes and hard drives. While the interface is easy for novices to use, the software isn’t fast, and it isn’t as flexible as the best data backup programs we tested. This software is ideal for feline enthusiasts who want an all-or-nothing approach to protecting their data.

CopyCatX 5.2 Visit Site