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Pros / It has excellent data compression abilities.

Cons / The backup and restore speeds are average.

 Verdict / Prosoft Data Backup 4 is one of the easiest data backup apps to use on a Mac, and its data compression feature is excellent.

TopTenREVIEWS - Bronze Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Prosoft Engineering, Inc. is known for its excellent data recovery software and high-end data recovery lab. To ensure you don’t have to use those products, the company also developed Data Backup, a flexible backup app for Macs. The app is well designed and very powerful. While the backup and restore speeds weren’t impressive in our tests, the software’s ability to compress data, ease of use and bevy of advanced features make it one of the best choices to protect your Mac. For these reasons, Prosoft’s Data Backup 4 earns the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award for best Mac backup software.

To find the best backup software for Macs, we tested each app multiple times on the same computer using the same data. We evaluated how easy the program is to use from the perspective of a novice by counting the number of steps in the backup and restore processes and the number of options in each step, and we took note of how well the app guides the user through each task. We also tested the backup and restore speeds and the CPU usage. The best Mac backup software caters to novices but doesn’t compromise performance to do so.

  • Average Backup Speed
  • Average Restore Speed
  • CPU Usage during Backup
  1. After many backup sets, this was the average rate the app backed up data.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 3  Data Backup
    0.93 GB per minute
  3. 2.3 GB per minute
  4. 1.49 GB per minute
  5. Category Average
    1.27 GB per minute

Backup Performance

Based on our testing, Prosoft’s Data Backup 4 earned a B-plus for ease of use during the backup process. We counted five steps, which isn’t a lot, and there aren’t very many options that could potentially lead to user error. The biggest reason it didn’t receive a higher grade is the backup sets failed the first several times, and there was no reason given for the failure.

The program’s backup speed received a C-minus grade, which is notable given Prosoft Data Backup has been considered one of the best Mac backup apps for years. The average backup speed was just 0.93GB per minute. For comparison, the fastest average backup speed in our tests was 2.33GB per minute. Still, its CPU usage was among the lowest in our review, so you can easily multitask while backing up data.

Its data compression abilities are also impressive. Most of the Mac data backup apps in our review don’t have a data compression option, so it’s refreshing to see Data Backup 4 include it. It consistently compressed date by about 10 to 15 percent. This translates into significant storage savings on your backup media.

Restore Performance

The restore process received a B-minus for ease of use, despite having just three steps. The major issue was its failure to restore data successfully. It failed to restore data more times than it failed to back it up. We were able to successfully restore the backed up data, but it took many attempts. Still, the process is easy.

Much like the backup speed, the restore speed was average, receiving a C grade. It posted an average speed of 1.26GB per minute. The fastest restore speed in our tests was 2.66GB per minute. This speed difference means Prosoft Data Backup 4 may take over half a day longer to restores data than the fastest software when you restore a full hard drive.

Advanced Features

Prosoft Data Backup 4 is loaded with advanced features. You can encrypt your data using 128-bit AES encryption, which is the same encryption level used for government documents classified as secret by the National Security Agency. You can also clone your Mac, create bootable media, schedule tasks and back up incrementally. The only advanced feature not included is cloud integration.

Help & Support

Prosoft’s support resources for Data Backup 4 are excellent. The online user manual is comprehensive and comes complete with a FAQs section. Additionally, the software support page has links to how-to videos and contains a database that is searchable by keyword. You can also contact the company for help with issues through phone, email and live chat.


Prosoft Data Backup 4 is one of the best Mac backup software applications because it’s among the easiest to use. The backup and restore speeds could be faster, but you may overlook this because of its outstanding compression, which saves storage space. While a novice may encounter a few learning curves, the long list of advanced features make it a good choice for more advanced users.

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