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Pros / The restore process is easy and fast.

Cons / The backup speed is below average.

 Verdict / SuperDuper! had mostly average results in our tests, but the restore process is excellent.

SuperDuper! is described by the developer, Shirt Pocket, as “heroic system recovery for mere mortals.” The company enjoys a sense of humor, and its app is clearly designed to be an easy solution to back up and recover data. The interface has a minimalist design with few features and few steps to initiate tasks. However, it didn’t impress us in our testing, posting mostly average speeds and CPU usage.

We tested each Mac backup app in our review on the same Mac, using the same data. Because of this, we were able to directly compare each program’s performance against the others. We tested backup and restore speeds and CPU usage. We also evaluated how easy the apps are to use throughout the backup and restore phases. The best Mac backup software is easy for a novice to use and can quickly process data.

SuperDuper!’s backup process is one of its biggest drawbacks, and it received a C-plus grade. The app has a minimalist design with few opportunities for user error, but you can’t choose to just back up specific folders and files; you must back up either all of your files or your Mac user files. Most users don’t need to back up every file. Because it doesn’t let you to pick and choose what you back up, the software is really limiting.

The backup speed was slightly below average, receiving a C-minus for its average speed of 0.92GB per minute. This is of particular concern because you have to back up your entire Mac, which can take a long time. For comparison, the fastest app in our backup tests posted a speed of 2.33GB per minute. At its average speed, it would take SuperDuper! about 11 hours longer than the fastest app to back up 1TB of data.

The restore process fared much better than the backup process in our tests. Because its one-step restore process is very straightforward, it received an A-minus for ease of use. When you create a backup set, the software makes a DMG image of the data. To restore the data, you simply click on the DMG image. In addition, its restore speed was among the fastest in our tests, posting an average speed of 1.79GB per minute.

This app doesn’t have many advanced features. While you can create a bootable backup image and clone your hard drive, it doesn’t encrypt your files, integrate with cloud storage or back up incrementally.

  • Average Backup Speed
  • Average Restore Speed
  • CPU Usage during Backup
  1. After many backup sets, this was the average rate the app backed up data.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 8  SuperDuper!
    0.93 GB per minute
  3. 2.3 GB per minute
  4. 1.49 GB per minute
  5. 0.93 GB per minute
  6. Category Average
    1.27 GB per minute


SuperDuper! is a simple Mac backup app that backs up your entire Mac or user files predetermined by the software. This lack of flexibility hurt its backup ease of use score in our evaluation, but it has one of the easiest restore phases in our review. Its overall performance is just average, and its lack of advanced features keeps it from standing out from the pack.

SuperDuper! 2.8 Visit Site