Pros / This app is easy to use.

Cons / The backup and restore speeds are very slow.

 Verdict / While Synchronize! X Plus can be used as a Mac backup app, it’s primary use is simple syncing between devices.

Developed by Qdea as an industrial-strength backup solution, Synchronize! X Plus is a simple Mac backup app that copies files between devices. However, it’s missing advanced features you expect from a backup solution for Macs of this caliber such as compression and scheduling. Overall, the performance was slow and the ease of use wasn’t impressive.

To find the best Mac backup software, we tested the backup and restore phases of each app on the same Mac. We evaluated how easy each phase is by counting the number of steps, the number of options that require user input in each step and how well the interface directs you from one step to the next. In many cases, apps failed to successfully backup data, which was also noted in their ease of use grades.

This app’s backup phase received a B-minus for ease of use, which is slightly above average. Its interface is very simple, and there are only four to six steps in the backup process. The interface doesn’t have any distracting design elements, which is good for novices, but it doesn’t guide you from step to step very well. In addition, our test data failed to copy to our external device in the first few attempts.

The program’s restore phase received a C grade in our testing for ease of use, which means it’s just average. The app literally just copies data from one device to another, so you use the backup feature to restore data from your external drive to your Mac.

Synchronize! X Plus’ biggest downside is its performance. It is the slowest app in our review. The average backup speed and average restore speed were the same in our testing, clocking in at a rate of 0.72GB per minute. By comparison, the fastest Mac backup app in our tests protected data a rate of 2.33GB per minute. If you backed up 1TB of data at these speeds, it would take Synchronize! X Plus about 23.15 hours to complete the backup set, while it would take the fastest app just a little over six hours. This app was almost twice as slow as a simply copying and pasting.

Since this app basically has two functions – Backup and Synchronize – there aren’t a lot of advanced features. The software doesn’t compress data, you can’t selectively restore files, and it doesn’t have a scheduling feature. In addition, it doesn’t integrate with the cloud.

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  • Average Backup Speed
  • Average Restore Speed
  • CPU Usage during Backup
  1. After many backup sets, this was the average rate the app backed up data.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 10  Synchronize! X Plus
    0.72 GB per minute
  3. 2.3 GB per minute
  4. 1.49 GB per minute
  5. 0.93 GB per minute
  6. Category Average
    1.27 GB per minute


Synchronize! X Plus is a Mac backup app that prioritize data synchronization and simple data backup. The interface has a minimalist design and there are few steps in the process, but it still wasn’t the easiest app to use in our evaluation. The backup and restore speeds were the slowest in our review, which is disappointing considering the app simply copies data. In addition, it lacks many advanced features.

Synchronize! X Plus 4.3 Visit Site

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