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Pros / It’s one of the best programs for recovering lost photos.

Cons / The video and music recovery capabilities are below average.

 Verdict / Disk Drill Pro works hard to recover your photos but isn’t the best option if you also need to recover media files or documents.

508 Software developed Disk Drill Pro to be intuitive Mac hard drive recovery software to rescue all types of files from all types of drives. Our tests showed that it gives you an exceptional chance of recovering photos, but we had far less success with documents and media files. We also found the interface to be moderately easy to use no matter what task you’re performing. Additionally, the scan and recover speeds are comparable to the best Mac hard drive recovery software.

We simulated two scenarios in our tests, recovering lost files and files from a reformatted drive. Then we analyzed the files that the software successfully recovered. Disk Drill Pro 3 rescued photos at a rate of 99 percent across both scenarios, beating the category average by 1 percent. A single percent difference may seem insignificant, until you consider that 1 percent of a 1TB hard drive is 10GB. This small percentage can be the difference of thousands of photos.

The Mac recovery software also had a moderately decent success rate in recovering documents, recovering 90 percent in the lost files tests and 80 percent in the reformatted drive tests. Though the best programs scored over 95 percent in our tests, the category average for document recovery was 81 percent with lost files tests and 86 in the reformatted drive tests. You have a decent shot at recovering most of your important document files, but it may not be the best Mac recovery app for this task.

The one significant downside to Disk Drill Pro’s performance is the recovery rate for the video and music files in our testing. During the lost file scenario tests, it recovered only 53 percent of the media files. This recovery rate rose impressively to 70 percent during the reformatted drive tests. However, both success rates are well below the average for the Mac hard disk recovery software in our review.

Like many Mac hard drive recovery apps, Disk Drill Pro markets itself as the most user-friendly one on the market. In our tests, it was fairly easy to use for the most part, for all tasks and corners of the program. The installation didn’t take long and it was fairly easy to initiate a scan, though it definitely wasn’t the most intuitive program we’ve used. One thing that was impressive about the software, however, was its quick scan and recovery speeds, which were above average, meaning you’ll be able to get your data recovered quickly.

  • Lost Photos Recovered
  • Reformatted Drive Recovery (Photos)
  • Lost Documents Recovered
  • Reformatted Drive Recovery (Documents)
  • Lost Video & Music Recovered
  • Reformatted Drive Recovery (Video & Music)
  • Scan Speed (HDD)
  • Recover Speed (HDD)
  • Scan Speed (SSD)
  • Recover Speed (SSD)
  1. This is the average percentage of photo files recovered in our tests.
    % (Higher is Better)
  2. 6  Disk Drill Pro
    99.0 %
  3. 100.0 %
  4. 99.0 %
  5. 100.0 %
  6. Category Average
    98.36 %


For recovering photos, Disk Drill Pro 3 is a solid, middle-of-the-road Mac data recovery solution. However, it struggles to recover video and music files, as well as documents, with the same success. The software has decent ease of use for the installation, and the scan and recover speeds are fast, making it a great option for anyone in a hurry to get their files back.

Disk Drill Pro 2.4.421 Visit Site