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Pros / It's among the fastest in our lineup when scanning and recovering data from an HDD.

Cons / The recovery rate for videos and music was only 63 percent during both scenarios we tested.

 Verdict / You have a great chance at rescuing photos and documents with MiniTool Power Data Recovery, but you're better off with one of the best Mac hard drive recovery apps for recovering videos and music.

MiniTool Solution developed MiniTool Power Data Recovery to be a comprehensive Mac hard drive recovery solution for all types of files. Our experience showed that it has a high success rate with photos and documents, but it failed to match the best hard drive recovery software when recovery videos and music. However, the scan and recover speeds for an HDD were very good.

Our tests simulated two common data loss scenarios – lost file and reformatted drive. In both tests, we looked at how well each Mac hard drive recovery app recovered various file types. MiniTool Power Data Recovery performed best when recovering photos. In each scenario, it recovered an average of 99 percent of the photos. However, MiniTool has a free app just for recovering photos. So while the recovery rate is exceptional, if all you need to recover is photos, you wouldn't need this software. Still, for comparison, the best Mac hard drive recovery software in our tests recovered 100 percent of the photos in both tests. This is significant when you consider that 1 percent of a 1TB hard drive is 10GB, which is thousands of photos.

MiniTool also recovered documents with a 99 percent success rate in both tests. This is an exceptional success rate when you consider that the average rate for documents in our review for lost files is 76 percent. The average recovery rate among the products we tested in the reformatted drive test is 81 percent. MiniTool's exceptionally high success rate is comparable to the best products in our review.

The biggest flaw of MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the subpar recovery rates with video and music files. It recovered only 63 percent of the media files in both the lost file and the reformatted drive tests. It recovered many of the MOV files, but it failed to rescue any of the MP4 files. Similar to many of the hard drive recovery apps in our test, it often recovered the music files in snippets. Each snippet was only a second or two long. If you had the patience, you could potentially stitch the songs together using an audio-editing program, but this would take a very long time. As such, we didn't consider these snippets successful recoveries.

We found that MiniTool Power Data Recovery has one of the most user-friendly opening pages in our review. It starts with four large colored tiles. Each tile represents a scanning option with clearly defined purposes. However, while the interface is simple, the software showed our tester some quirks during the installation, which received a slightly above-average B+. The recover stage receive an average B because there is no recover button. Instead, you're supposed to save the files. There was little indication for our tester that he should save the files. You might view this as a minor semantic detail, but it took our tester nearly five minutes to figure out, whereas products with a clearly labeled recover button took less than 30 seconds.

One of the better attributes of MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the scan and recover speeds on the HDD. In our tests, we recorded an average speed of 200GB per hour for the scan and 175GB per hour for the recovery. Both speeds are nearly twice as fast as the average HDD scan and recovery speeds in our review. However, the scan and recover speeds on an SSD were not as impressive. Throughout our tests, SSDs were typically very fast to scan and recover data from, but MiniTool averaged a scan speed of 187.5GB per hour and a recover speed of 86.5GB per hour on the SSD. For comparison, the average SSD scan speed in our review is 333GB per hour, and the average recovery time is 172GB per hour.

  • Lost Photos Recovered
  • Reformatted Drive Recovery (Photos)
  • Lost Documents Recovered
  • Reformatted Drive Recovery (Documents)
  • Lost Video & Music Recovered
  • Reformatted Drive Recovery (Video & Music)
  • Scan Speed (HDD)
  • Recover Speed (HDD)
  • Scan Speed (SSD)
  • Recover Speed (SSD)
  1. This is the average percentage of photo files recovered in our tests.
    % (Higher is Better)
  2. 5  MiniTool Power Data Recovery
    99.0 %
  3. 100.0 %
  4. 99.0 %
  5. 100.0 %
  6. Category Average
    98.36 %


MiniTool Power Data Recovery gives you a great chance of rescuing photos and documents. In both scenarios we tested, it recovered 99 percent of those file types. However, the recovery success wasn't the same with videos and music, with the software recovering only 63 percent of the media files in both tests. We like the interface, though the recover stage is average in terms of being easy to use. You'll find the scan and recover speeds to be exceptional when recovering data from an HDD, but much slower when recovering data from an SSD.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery 2.3 Visit Site