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Pros / Its data compression abilities were among the best in our tests.

Cons / Ease of use is very poor for both the backup and restore processes.

 Verdict / StorageCraft ShadowProtect is mostly used by IT managers, which is clear in its design – it offers a lot of control but little context.

StorageCraft’s ShadowProtect is backup software for your PC, but it comes in many versions and is scalable according to how much data and how many computers you need to back up. In most cases, this product is made for IT managers in small- and medium-size businesses. For our review, we tested and evaluated the desktop version, which is the most basic and suitable for home users. While this PC backup app has many advanced features that will make power users happy, it isn’t easy to use for the average novice user and is among the slowest at backing up data.

The best PC backup software has two main characteristics: It’s easy to use and performs well. We tested performance by using each app to back up and restore the same data on the same computer. During these processes, we recorded the speed, compression and CPU usage. We also graded ease of use, rating how accessible each program is for a novice by counting the number of steps, analyzing the interface design and determining how well the app guides the user.

ShadowProtect’s biggest downside is it isn’t very easy to use during the backup process – it earned only a D-plus grade for ease of use in our review. Compared to other PC backup apps we reviewed, it’s clearly designed for IT managers and power users. The homepage is cluttered with advanced features that most users will never need, and the backup process has more steps than any other program we reviewed. Also, each step includes a myriad of options that provide ample opportunity to get lost if you don’t have technical knowledge. This isn’t to say that the app isn’t effective or powerful. Power users will definitely appreciate the additional control.

The program also fell behind in backup speed, receiving a D-plus in our tests. ShadowProtect was the slowest PC backup app we reviewed. One of the reasons for this is it doesn’t do small-scale backup sets. You can’t simply back up your documents and your pictures; you can only back up full volumes, partitions and disks. This means it has to create a huge image file that needs to be compressed, encrypted and processed. There are advantages to this when restoring the file, but it makes the backup process slow. It would be better to provide these large-scale backup images as an option rather than a requirement.

On a positive note, ShadowProtect had one of the best compression rates in our review, receiving an A-minus grade. The app compressed our backup data by 6 percent. This may not seem like a lot, but the average compression rate for the same data in our tests was less than 1 percent. When you’re backing up a full computer, 6 percent can add up. Consider this – 6 percent of 1TB is 60GB, which means you’ll save a lot of space on your external drive. In addition, compression potential varies depending on the type of files you’re compressing, so it’s possible you could experience even better results.

Similar to the backup process, the restore process received low grades for ease of use and speed. While it was easier to restore our files than to back them up, the process was still more complicated those in most of the PC backup software we reviewed. This app isn’t for novice users, so it’s not surprising. In addition, since the backup images were so large, the restore process was very slow.

Consumer-level backup software for PCs rarely provides the level of control that ShadowProtect offers, which is why it has more advanced features than most. That said, it’s also missing a few key features. You can’t integrate the app with a cloud backup service. It also only has one level of encryption, and it doesn’t specify how secure it is, which leaves you guessing about how protected your files are.

  • Encryption Options
  • Backup Speed
  • Restore Speed
  • Average Compression Percentage
  1. This is the number of encryption options.
    More is Better.
  2. 9  StorageCraft ShadowProtect
    9.0 Encryption Options
  3. 4.0 Encryption Options
  4. 3.0 Encryption Options
  5. 3  EaseUS
    1.0 Encryption Options
  6. Category Average
    2.7 Encryption Options


StorageCraft’s ShadowProtect is PC backup software designed for IT professionals. Even the desktop version is designed for power users with a lot of technical experience. As such, it’s far more complicated than most users can effectively use. The backup and restore speeds were very slow in comparison to the other programs in our tests, but the compression rate was fantastic. If you know your way around computers, you might appreciate the control this app provides.

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