Pros / The compression rate was among the best in our tests.

Cons / You can't create backup sets at a folder level.

 Verdict / Paragon Protect & Restore has good compression and average ease of use, but its lack of folder-level backup and encryption options hold it back.

Paragon Protect & Restore is advanced server backup software designed for small businesses and enterprises. While the compression function tested very well and the ease of use was generally average, the lack of encryption options and folder-level backup is a concern for small businesses that have only one or two servers with multiple functions, which may require different backup strategies.

One of the best features of Paragon & Restore is the compression. When backing up at the highest compression setting in our tests, it compressed the testing data by 28 percent, which was the third-best compression rating in our review. A high compression rate is important if you're trying to save storage space for the backed-up data. For comparison, if you're backing up a 1TB storage drive, you'll only need 720GB of storage for the backup. However, note that compression varies according to file type and existing compression, so your experience may differ.

One downside to Paragon Protect & Restore is the single encryption option for the backup. When we tested the software, we were unable to find any encryption options. However, our contact with Paragon ensured us that you can encrypt data with 256-bit encryption. Even after the representative confirmed this option, we were unable to find the option in the settings. Still, we gave the product credit for having one encryption option anyway. Encrypting your backed-up data is vital for protecting sensitive and proprietary data, especially if you're storing it on a cloud service or networked server. Without encryption, a hacker could access the data easily. The best server backup software programs have up to four encryption options.

Another significant downside is the lack of folder-level backup. Paragon Protect & Restore backs up the entire system. You don't have the ability to back up specific files. This lack of granularity limits the overall functionality of your backup strategy. For example, if you have one server with multiple functions, you'll have to use the same backup strategy for each function instead of customizing the strategy to each.

In terms of the ease of use, the installation gave us the biggest issue, which is why it received a C. While it easily backs up virtual machines, you can't install it on one. The backup and restore features and the interface received a B, which is average. There's nothing particularly easy or difficult about the software.

The minimum RAM requirement is 2GB, which is the second most in our review. However, the impact on the CPU resources during backup and recovery sets for both the server side and the client side is average, receiving a B in our tests. You should have no trouble running additional apps while you run backup or recovery sets, so long as those apps aren't data-intensive.

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  • Highest Compression Rate
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  • Minimum RAM Requirement
  1. In our tests, this was the percentage of compression that occurred with the highest compression setting.
    Higher is Better
  2. 5  Paragon Protect & Restore
    28.0 %
  3. 27.0 %
  4. 2.0 %
  5. 25.0 %
  6. Category Average
    18.2 %


Paragon Protect & Restore is ideal for businesses that have single servers devoted to specific purposes. The compression rate was among the best in our tests, but it lacks encryption options, which is a significant concern when you're backing up sensitive and proprietary data. Overall, the software's ease of use is average, though the installation provides some obstacles.

Paragon Protect & Restore 3.5 Visit Site

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