Pros / The online administration dashboard allows you to back up Linux, Windows and virtual machines remotely.

Cons / It lacks folder-level backup.

 Verdict / R1Soft Server Backup Manager has exceptional compression rates and the ability to protect your backup sets with AES 256-bit encryption, but the lack of folder-level backup limits its versatility for small businesses.

Formerly developed by Idera, R1Soft products are now owned and maintained by Continuum Managed Services. The R1Soft Server Backup Manager is the company's primary server backup software, offering enterprise-level backup solutions designed to perform with minimal impact on both the client-side and server-side resources. It also has one of the best compression rates available. However, while the backup and restore features are average, in terms of ease of use, the installation and interface are designed for people with a great deal of IT experience.

In our tests, the R1Soft Server Backup Manager compressed the test data by 32 percent on average. This was the second-best compression rate in our tests, which means that this server backup software saves you more storage space than most of the other programs. For example, if you're backing up a 1TB drive, the backed-up data would only be 680GB. The average backup with these software programs only saves you 180GB of storage space. However, it's worth noting that compression can vary by file type, so you might experience better compression rates. You might also experience worse compression rates. The value of our tests is in the comparative aspect – each program compressed the same files.

Another great feature is the online dashboard. The interface is extremely clean and functional. It doesn't take long to find the necessary tools to perform and schedule your backups. Since the dashboard is accessible online, you can perform backups from anywhere. You can be on a business trip in Tokyo and perform backups of the servers in San Diego. Through the dashboard, you can manage groups, policies, reports, users and recovery points.

Another great feature of the Server Backup Manager is the continuous data protection technology that allows you to back up the client machines on your network as frequently as every 15 minutes. It's designed to do this with minimal drain on the server resources, so users wouldn't even know that the backup occurred. You can also perform full disk imaging, bare metal restores and 256-bit data encryption, which adds another layer of protection to your data. You can also use this feature to back up virtual machines, SQL and Exchange servers.

The downside to this software is the lack of folder-level backup. You can only back up a full system, followed by differential or incremental backups of the entire system. This limits the versatility of the software on single servers. If your small business has one server that performs several functions, you'll probably want to use different backup strategies for each function. With R1Soft, you can differentially back up one folder while incrementally backing up another folder. With a large server ecosystem, this isn't as big of an issue, as you're more likely to have the entire server devoted to a single purpose.

The overall ease of use is below average. The installation received a C+ because it required the installation of a .NET Framework 3.5, as it's not compatible with .NET Framework 4.5. This turned the installation process into a long ordeal for our tester, requiring some help from customer support. The interface also received a C+ because it took our tester longer than average to find specific settings. The only average grade that the ease of use received was a B for the backup and restore features, which means that it's reasonably easy to figure out and configure a backup and restore set, but not so easy that a novice user would easily figure it out.

This software only requires 1GB of memory to run, though 2GB is recommended. This makes it ideal for small businesses with one to three servers. With every terabyte of storage added to the servers, you have to add 2GB of memory, which gives it excellent scalability for your growing business. In our tests, it received an A- for the server-side CPU usage and a B for the client-side CPU usage, which means that you can definitely run backup sets while other apps are running and it won't crash the system.

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  • Highest Compression Rate
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  1. In our tests, this was the percentage of compression that occurred with the highest compression setting.
    Higher is Better
  2. 7  R1Soft
    32.0 %
  3. 27.0 %
  4. 2.0 %
  5. 25.0 %
  6. Category Average
    18.2 %


The R1Soft Server Backup Manager is ideal for large operations that may have multiple locations, but it can work with a simple setup of one to three servers, so long as you don't need to vary your backup strategies very much. The 32 percent compression rate is the second best in our review, so it saves your storage space on the back end, but the overall ease of use is best suited for someone with a great deal of IT experience.

R1Soft Server Backup Manager 5.9 Visit Site

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