Pros / Active@ Disk Image can perform incremental imaging.

Cons / This software does not back up to tape.

 Verdict / Active@ Disk Image is a good product for those who need to back up drive to drive.

Active@ Disk Image does as the name implies, which is disk imaging. This is a high-end feature for those that desire not just file recovery but application recovery as well. This Windows server backup software can back up any file type supported by PCs, and it supports a wide variety of disk type storage devices.

This backup software comes in two versions: Standard and Pro. Both versions are the same with only one major difference. The Pro version, which we reviewed, provides backup support for incremental imaging. They also offer enterprise and OEM licenses and discounts to educational institutions.

This server backup software has most of the backup features we were looking for with the exception of encryption and other security technologies like virus scanning. However, you should already have good safety protocols in place to secure your information. This software does have password protection though.

The backup tools it does have include incremental and differential imaging and support for basic and dynamic volumes. It can run on most Windows operating systems and supports FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, CDFS and UDF file types. Active@ Disk Image can also split data into chunks, and it provides a variety of compression levels. This is a case where just because a product is ranked lower than others does not mean it is an inferior product; this software is easy to use and provides disk imaging at the server level for an affordable price.

As with most server backup software, Active@ Disk Image can be scheduled to back up by the day, week, month or any special time interval. The Pro version can be configured to run incremental image backups as well.

This Windows server backup software can easily restore files or entire images, even to different sized media with utilizing partitions. Disk imaging is a function not offered by all backup software. Rather than just file backup, imaging can take an entire “picture” of a drive and restore all functionality, including applications. In terms of rescue bootable media, Active@ Book Disk Lite can start a PC from CD, DVD or a USB flash drive.

Active@ Disk image can support numerous backup media disk types including internal and external hard disk drives, solid state disks, network attached storage devices and – experimentally – Blu-ray and HD DVDs. It also supports single-layer and dual-layer CDs and DVDs. It does not support backup to tape or tape drives or to online storage services.

Server backup software can be intimidating, and small business owners may be a bit nervous about implementing their own backup plan, so we looked for easy-to-use software that can perform complex tasks. This Windows backup software is simple to use. It includes convenient details like progress status bars and task wizards to make it even easier to use. One of the best tools it has is a tool called Explore Image that will show you everything that is on an image so you can restore only specific files if needed.

You can contact Active@ Disk Image in a variety of ways, including by telephone, fax, chat and email. We contacted them by instant chat with a few technical questions and found their customer service to be quite helpful and knowledgeable. They also post some FAQs online that cover sales, customer support and technical questions.

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This Windows server backup software is easy to use and provides powerful disk imaging to facilitate zero data loss should a problem occur. We found Active@ Disk Imaging to be a good product for those who need incremental imaging and do not back up to tape.

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