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Altaro Backup FS Review

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PROS / Altaro Backup provides sensitive, automatic, continuous data protection.

CONS / This software is more for backing up and restoring files than full disk imaging.

 VERDICT / For specific file backup and restoration, this is an excellent product.

Altaro Backup has exceptional tools for backing up and restoring files. It even has some unique functions for continuous data protection, restoring to specific restore points and incremental backups. We like that this software can restore files to an email address and can back up open files, which not all products offer. This software is one of the easiest to use Windows server backup products for file restoration. However, it does not provide disk imaging or full system state restores.

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Altaro Backup is an excellent product for backing up files and versions. It includes continuous data protection, which is the ability to automatically detect file changes, and it can back up the changes immediately. This server backup software also has a technology called ReverseDelta, which provides an incremental backup capability that uses less space than full version backups. Altaro Backup can also be configured to back up dual copies to separate locations for added security of your files. It can even back up open files utilizing Microsoft Volume Shadow technology. As mentioned, this is a great backup tool for files; however, it is not the best product for disk imaging. If you need full disk imaging you will want to select a different backup application.

This Windows server backup tool offers all of the scheduling and reporting tools we were looking for. It can back up by the minute, hour, day, week or month or by unique intervals. Additionally, you can configure your backups to each different device you use it with. This software also has all of the alert and report tools we were looking for, including email notices and reports. Email reports include information such as backup statuses, date and time of backups, the amount of data backed up, the number of changed files and the number of skipped files.

Since this backup software is more intended for file or data backup, it does not have all of the recovery tools we were looking for such as bare metal recovery and system state restore. However, it can back up files, folders, groups of folders and deleted files. Unlike many products, it also has a remote restore function that can restore files and have them sent to a specific email address. You can also set up the software to send you email notifications when a backup fails.

Altaro Backup can back up to external drives connected by USB and eSata and fileserver network shares connected by UNC paths and mapped drives. Of course it can also back up to network attached storage devices. However, this software is not designed to back up to CDs or DVDs or to online storage services.

We found this server backup software easy to use. It clearly explains most terms you might need clarification on. For example, the main screen gives you a choice of “back up now” or “Go Back in Time and Restore.” And the left navigation board can be used to easily move between the dashboard, reports, advanced settings, email notifications and backup folders. The reports are also easy to understand and include helpful graphics.

This Windows backup software comes with a PDF or online user guide, and they post an active forum on their website. You can also contact them directly by email. Altaro relates that they respond to email within 24 hours, but we would like to see them offer telephone or chat support as well.


Altaro Backup is a great windows server backup tool for those looking for powerful continuous data backup protection for files. This application is easy to use and can even back up open files. We can definitely recommend this software to those who do not need disk imaging.

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