Pros / Its simple wizard-based interface makes scheduling most of your backup operations a breeze.

Cons / Backup for Workgroups does not feature disk imaging or boot options, and its scheduling options are fairly limited. It also doesn’t back up open files.

 Verdict / Backup for Workgroups' biggest flaws stem from its overuse of system resources.

While GRBackPro’s list of available backup features is impressive, it is light on recovery options. This Windows server backup software can be perfect for your small, simple network that includes more physical and less virtual networking. GRBackPro works with your Windows servers and applications, and can save to nearly any local or network-connected device. This server backup software can back up to any local or network-connected drive that shows on the directory. It can also back up to most cloud services and FTP sites.

This backup software utilizes both incremental and differential backups, but it doesn’t provide the stability of disk imaging for large file backups. The lack of imaging can slow down your backups, but adjustable compression and error checking can minimize this issue.

This Windows server backup software offers good scheduling and reporting tools, including custom schedule options and email alerts. You can back up by the minute, hour, week or month – or by any time increment you desire. Expanded support for more event reporting options also help keep you on top of any system backup software related issues.

There is a weak spot in the Windows backup software. It can restore data, deleted files and the registry, and it can restore to a specific restore point; however, it does not offer system state restore or bare metal recovery. And since it does not provide disk imaging, the software is more applicable for file recovery than full system recovery. Additionally, it does not provide the ability to create bootable media such as bootable CDs or DVDs.

Considering the complexity of this type of software, GRBackPro is easy to use with streamlined basic processes such as initial configuration. We also found the reports easy to understand, and common tasks such as excluding files from a backup schedule are easy to figure out. The basic layout of the interface is also simple, with just a few tabs across the top and some buttons along the bottom, and most processes are clearly explained.

You can contact GRSoftware representatives by email. Our experience was that they respond to their emails in a timely manner and answer questions thoroughly. They can also help you set up your initial backup schedule, and they provide restore support should you need it.

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GRBackPro could be the perfect Windows server backup software for your small network if you don't have an IT professional on speed dial. Its simple wizard-based interface will likely save you time and frustration. Unfortunately, the backup software is missing several recovery options, including imaging capabilities and boot media creation.

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