Pros / Idera’s Continuous Data Protection features built-in scalability allowing it to grow with your business.

Cons / Idera provides only basic help and requires enrollment in a paid support plan for issues related to migration.

 Verdict / Continuous Data Protection is one of the best backup services for growing businesses because it scales so easily.

Editor's note: Continuous Data Protection is now known as Server Backup Manager. We will evaluate, rank and review Server Backup Manager when we next update the Windows Server Backup reviews.

Continuous Data Protection from Idera is Windows server backup software that accommodates the needs of growing businesses. And although one-on-one support isn't covered in the free support package, this is among the best server backup services for small businesses.

Idera’s management console allows you to manage 30 or more server backups on one backup management repository server. The web-based enterprise console expands that access to provide management access to thousands of servers, which also means you have access to your Windows server backup at any time, from anywhere.

Similar to differential backups, Continuous Data Protection uses Virtual Full Backup technology to replicate your data and follows up with block-level updates to keep your information current. This innovation from Idera takes the time required for your backup from hours down to minutes. A variable compression rate also shrinks your backup data by as much as 90 percent, and 256-AES encryption can help you keep your data secure.

The recovery features in this software were designed to get you back to business soon after a failure. With these fast restoration features, you can recover complete file systems or entire servers. SharePoint server backups with granular recovery options allow you to search information across multiple backups.

Continuous Data Protection was designed to work with your growing Windows network, and the software can back up and restore your SharePoint, Exchange, Hyper-V and SQL servers. This backup functionality extends to your other connected servers as well with broad compatibility options. Idera will save to most any local or network-connected device or FTP site.

Idera extends basic free support to help you manage your system backup software. This includes 24/7 critical support, case reporting and access to Idera’s knowledge center. There are more expansive support packages available that include support for installation and migration. You will, however, have to pay extra for upgraded support.

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Idera’s Continuous Data Protection is ideal server backup software for growing businesses. It can securely back up and support thousands of virtual servers just as well as it supports a single server.

Continuous Data Protection 3.0 Standard Visit Site