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EaseUs Todo Backup Server 6 Review

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PROS / Todo Backup Server’s one-click functionality is laid out so intuitively that you don’t need to be a network professional to use it.

CONS / EaseUs has pretty meager customer support.

 VERDICT / This is a great backup utility, but its lean support offerings might hurt when you need help.

EaseUs is known for developing quality software, and its Windows server backup software has this familiar quality. EaseUs Todo Backup Server utilizes disk imaging technology to support efficient and cost effective Windows server backup software. This software provides advanced tools such as incremental and differential backup, file backup exclusion and hot backup to help you recover from potentially catastrophic data loss. In addition, this application offers scheduling and reporting tools, along with a variety of recovery and restoration features.

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Todo’s tabbed interface is easy to use and organized by basic function. The Home tab provides quick access to simple backup and recovery operations. The Advanced tab takes you right to some of the tools that will do the heavy lifting – features such as whole disk or simple partition as well as Exchange and SQL server backups. Similar features are also available on the Backup and Recovery tabs. This smart layout saves you valuable time.

Todo’s Backup tab is where you can schedule full system, disk, partition and even file-level backups. Exchange and MS SQL server backup controls are also available. Once you select a backup type, you can set up the parameters of your backup to include scale and frequency. You can have continuous data protection where you need it, and cloud storage and synchronization where you want it.

The Recovery tab allows you to recover full systems, disks, partitions and individual files. It also gives you the option to save recovered data to dissimilar hardware – from an HDD to an SDD, for instance. This feature can be a lifesaver. Just remember to have the appropriate drivers on hand or else the operation could take much longer than you like.

Almost as a separate feature, the Tools tab offers easy access to helpful disk and imaging features, even for tape backups. It is from here that you can burn an image to a disk and verify its integrity before wiping the drive, converting the image and mounting it as a virtual machine. And almost as if it were anticipated that your Master Boot Record was on that newly formatted drive, the Tools tab can also be used to create an emergency start disk as well as enable PreOS operations to help you get a head start on recovering that image to the drive you accidentally formatted.

You have several backup media options available in just one package with support options for backing up to any format, from tape drives up to the largest SSD. In fact, EaseUs Todo Backup Server software can back up and recover data to (and from) nearly any local or network-connected drive or device, including dynamic disk drives.

EaseUs provides decent support, though many backup services offer much more comprehensive help options. The software documentation is quite helpful for performing basic operations. The online forums can answer some of your more complex questions, and videos to help you tackle those larger tasks are a big help. If you need anything beyond that, email is the only available method for contacting customer service.


EaseUs Todo Backup Server is a user-friendly Windows server backup utility. It comes with a full set of powerful tools to help you keep backups current. While it is highly configurable and gives you a large set of resources, the support options are somewhat limited. However, Todo Backup Server should be intuitive enough for a novice user to grasp.

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