Pros / System Recovery Server Edition utilizes Symantec’s Granular Restore technology to restore individual files from an individual backup image file.

Cons / Symantec ended support for the Digital Vault and does not support roaming profiles.

 Verdict / Symantec software has become more accessible for small businesses and home office users, but it's missing features that mobile users need.

Symantec, the industry leader in cybersecurity products, offers the enterprise Windows server backup software, System Recovery Server Edition. This software offers several backup options based on Symantec’s two types of available backups: drive-based, and file and folder. Drive-based backups allow you to back up and recover whole drives, even your primary drive as part of backing up your operating system. You can recover individual files and folders from these backups. File and Folder backups allow you to back up those files separately.

This application uses Symantec’s Granular Restore technology to help you restore your Exchange server mailbox backups, individual folders and emails. Added SharePoint restoration features even let you search for a specific document based on available Open Recovery Points.

Open Recovery Points allow you to restore backup files from a variety of sources. Search features allow you to look for your file that may be stored on local or network-connected storage devices. System Recovery Server Edition allows you to store your most recent recovery point on the computer you’re using, the Symantec alternative index file or even on another computer.

Symantec System Recovery works with most local and network-connected storage devices. It is scalable to handle the backup needs of three servers, but there are issues that will affect small office and home office users. This software does not support roaming profiles, meaning there will be extra work for you if your network includes laptops. Symantec’s decision to drop its remote vault was also something of a setback. System Recovery does support FTP though Offsite Copy as the most secure way to handle your remote storage needs, but it's no longer responsible for your cloud storage.

System Recovery is complex software and requires users to educate themselves. Symantec's website contains system requirements, installation instructions and reference manuals. A knowledgebase and an online community will also help shorten the potential learning curve. Expert assistance is available for a price, and users give the paid support staff glowing reviews. However, those who use the free support are often frustrated with a support staff that clearly lacks product knowledge.

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Symantec System Recovery Server Edition offers quite a few great features, but it doesn't support roaming profiles and lacks a cloud option. The lack of quality basic support is also a source of frustration shared by many Symantec customers.

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