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Yosemite Server Backup 8 Review

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PROS / This highly configurable Windows backup server software can handle most any backup job you give it.

CONS / Backup Server Plus lacks its own Preboot Execution Environment.

 VERDICT / Yosemite Server Backup Plus can complement your changing network that may include mobile users and virtual machines.

Yosemite Server Backup Plus from Barracudaware is among the best Windows backup software we reviewed. Its design suits a broad range of server applications including Microsoft Exchange, Hyper-V, SharePoint and SQL. This level of cross-platform functionality helps ensure continuous data protection for your growing physical and virtual network.

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The web-based central management console provides easy access to multiple servers. Configurable options allow you to automate this backup software to include removable media such laptops and mobile devices for your roaming users.

Yosemite’s simple calendar interface makes it easy to schedule your backups. Your schedules can be as frequent or infrequent as fits your needs. With its differential and incremental backup features, Server Backup Plus keeps your data up to date. Using a separate Copy feature, you can have Yosemite duplicate selected files according to a schedule you set. Then you can synchronize those files across your network by simply changing the destination folders.

Available variable encryption also keeps your data secure. From the low 56-bit DES up to 256-bit AES, Yosemite provides strong data storage protection. When you activate encryption, the compression features switch off by default, though you can turn them back on manually. The software checks errors automatically and notifies you when your backup is complete.

The Bare Metal Disaster Recovery feature can recover individual machines or whole networks. The boot agent recovers your machine through the boot media that you assign, which could include a boot image, USB device or network location. When properly configured, Yosemite will even create your boot images for you with instructions to reestablish partitions before installing operating systems, applications and drivers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide its own Preboot Execution Environment (PXE).

Server Backup Plus works with all of your removable, local and network-connected storage devices. Yosemite provides spanning for backups to disk, CD/DVD and USB. It even carries functions for tape drives, autoloaders and robotic libraries.

While Barracudaware does provide all of the necessary resources for you to run your network, it goes a step further than the rest with an online index of supported hardware and their required versions. Provided you meet Yosemite’s minimum system requirements, their support extends to free setup assistance. Post installation, Barracudaware provides 24/7 technical support, and even restoration assistance.


Yosemite Server Backup Plus is excellent Windows server backup software with a competitive price. The provided encryption options are great along with the boot options, but it does not have a well-defined PXE.

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