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ACT/SAT Prep Software Review: Test Preparation Software; Avoid Desperation with Preparation
Don't trust your college entrance exam scores to fate. Control your future and get into the best college you can with ACT & SAT Preparation Software.

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ACT/SAT Prep Software Review

Why ACT & SAT Preparation Software?

Starting in kindergarten, your child has been doing ACT and SAT prep. It started with counting and learning the alphabet and progressed through writing, science and algebra. Now that college is fast approaching for your son or daughter, these academic skills are as important as ever.

SAT or ACT test scores are required for enrollment in almost all respectable universities. The more selective the institution, the higher the scores required. As you know, having a good education is a major factor in lifetime success and happiness. Your child has worked hard so far, but even the best students can use ACT/SAT prep software to boost their chances at achieving a high score.

These applications are inexpensive, especially considering the cost of personal tutoring services and online ACT and SAT prep courses. The best desktop software includes practice tests, tutoring, lessons and exam tips. Our top picks are SAT/ACT/PSAT Platinum by Topics Entertainment, SAT/ACT Prep, Academic Fitness SAT/PSAT/ACT Bootcamp by Innovative Knowledge and eKnowledge PowerPrep . Learn more about these crucial exams by reading our articles about ACT/SAT prep software.

ACT & SAT Preparation Software: What to Look For

We tested the best SAT and ACT prep software applications to learn which features are most important and the ways in which each product excels. The best software can prepare your student for multiple tests. Great software also offers multiple practice tests and additional learning tools such as tutoring, lessons and games. Most of all, expect your software choice to be engaging and easy to use. Learn about our specific review criteria below.

The ACT is the test commonly used by students in the Midwest and the American South. The 50-year-old test measures English, mathematics, reading and science reasoning. In the last few years, an optional writing test has been included. The highest possible score on the ACT is 36.

Nationwide, and particularly on the East and West coasts, the SAT is more common. Sponsored by the College Board, this 85-year-old test measures mathematics, critical reading (formerly called verbal) and writing. The highest possible score is 2400. All four-year colleges in the U.S. have accepted both admission tests since 2007. For the best ACT and SAT prep, look for full-length exams and extra questions and explanations. Top software products also include prep help for the PSAT, a test that provides valuable practice for the SAT that can qualify your student for the National Merit Scholarship.

Teaching Tools
Practice tests are vital to familiarize your student with the exam format and timing requirements, but extra instruction can boost scores even further. We looked for free online subject matter as well as videos, games, flashcards and lessons.

Academic Content
Excellent ACT/SAT prep software covers all subjects comprehensively. Writing, reading and mathematics are important in both college-preparatory exams. Questions specifically related to science are only in the ACT, but we recommend that students brush up on this subject no matter which test they plan to take. For the best college options, your child should consider taking both tests.

Help & Support
ACT/Sat prep software is generally easy to use and install, but some products are easier to navigate and more interesting than others. If you have questions or problems, support should be readily available. We checked the number of ways you can contact each application's manufacturer. Guarantees of score improvement are also important. If the product you choose isn't helpful or usable, you shouldn't have to pay for it.

The reasons to purchase ACT/SAT prep software are many. The cost of this type of software is pennies on the dollar compared to competing online, classroom and in-person services, and with software, you only have to pay once in most cases. Furthermore, you can keep the application you purchase for your child's younger brothers or sisters. ACT/SAT prep is vital to a successful college career. Your student has worked toward this since the first day of school and deserves the chance to show off her academic chops.