Pros / Web Developers require minimal education to gain an entry-level position.

Cons / This position is lower on the pay scale than other computer career paths we reviewed.

 Verdict / Building websites is a central aspect of our modern economy. Those who choose this career path will almost always find rewarding employment.

In our review of the best computer careers, web developer made a decent showing. Developers play a central role in how we interact with our online world. They are the architects of our experience on the World Wide Web. As such, they have the potential to earn a good living and enjoy a high degree of job security. It isn’t as lucrative as some of the other IT jobs we reviewed, but it’s still in a fast growing field that shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

One of the best things about choosing the web developer career path is that it doesn’t require as much schooling as other IT careers. In order to get an entry-level job, most employers will only require you to have an associate’s degree. This degree requires about half the time to complete as a bachelor’s degree, which is the general benchmark for other career paths in this field. Of course, it would be better to get a B.S. because it increases your skill set and offers a more rounded education, but it isn’t necessary to get started as a web developer.

The pay scale for web developers ranges from $33,550 a year on the low end to a high salary of $105,200. The median salary is about $62,500 a year. These numbers are much higher than the national average of all occupations, but they fall on the low end for computer careers. So you’ll earn more than the general population, but you’ll be the low man on the totem pole in your field.

Opportunities for web developers are also more plentiful when compared to all other jobs but less so when contrasted against other jobs in the IT category. There are currently 141,400 web developer jobs nationwide with a projected 28,500 additional jobs to be added by the year 2022. This represents a growth rate of 20 percent, which drastically outpaces the general growth of the economy. In fact, the unemployment for web developers is only a hair over 4 percent, which is statistical full employment. Although these numbers are rosy, they are again on the low end of the paths in the computer career category.

  • Highest Wage
  • Mid-range Wage
  • Lowest Wage
  1. 90th percentile of salary range of this job.
  2. 7  Web Developer
  3. $138880.0
  4. $122090.0
  5. $135600.0
  6. Category Average


Web developers are a necessary component in the machinery of our online lives. They are in high demand now and that demand is growing, so you shouldn’t have a hard time making a living if you choose to become a developer. However, within the entire IT career field, web developers rank near the bottom on the pay scale.